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“Caravan”, Indian film, no prize record, produced in 1971.

A car accident, the police arrived.The groom cried, knowing that the bride could not even find the body over the hillside, into a tear.The film begins with the bride, who was in a car accident.

Not long ago, the father of the bride Sunida fell to his death in the office of the general manager of his big company. It was sad to see his father who loved him died. It made people think that she was insane.At this time, the general manager who had been hired by his father came to bid farewell to Sunida, saying that he was going to Europe for two months, and he could find him in the future.At the same time, Sunida wrote a suicide note, indicating that if he happened, all the property was given to his father’s adopted son, the groom.

As the groom said that his father wished, Sunida’s adopted son became married soon after his father’s death.To this marriage, outsiders feel sorry for their adopted son, that their adopted son to study back so superior conditions, why to find an insane person.On the first day of his wedding, the groom asked for a honeymoon at a villa outside the countryside.

While opening the villa door, they see a girlfriend who claims to be the groom sitting on the sofa.The woman said to the bride, your father fell was pushed down by the groom, because the groom took a lot of money in the safe, did not explain the use can not return, your father was disappointed to write a letter to the previous 30 years general manager asked him to come back to work, and to the general manager position to the adopted son to the general manager of the past.The groom did this killing for fear that it was exposed.She gave the letter to the bride to see clearly, and then drove away with it.Who would have thought that this was actually a step forward in the conspiracy.

Bride Sunida then felt unprecedented fear, was death not there?She hid into the room until the groom slept before opening the door and running away.But the brakes failed and rushed down the cliff on the downhill.Fortunately, the car threw Sunida out flipped and it was fine.Sunida had a premonition that it was murder trying to go to the police, but the police may ignore him thinking that he was rumored as a mental patient. The groom now covers the sky, and others may not dare to speak to help her.So he chose to escape temporarily and then find a way out.

On the groom’s side, in the death of the body of the death.He analyzed that there may be two bride escape routes, one, to find the girl appearing in the villa who holds her father’s letter, and the other is the past general manager of the bride’s father.As the search unfolded, Sunida stole a farmer’s clothes and climbed onto a ragged stop-and-go caravan to meet with the Gypsies.

After avoiding several pursuits in the car, the two drivers suddenly found out that their food was always inexplicably missing, and eventually found out that it was the woman hiding under the car who stole their food.Sunida said he ran away from home to avoid marrying an old man, and now wanted to find a relative to stop with them.Looking at the helpless girl, the two drivers had to carry her on the way.After getting off the destination, the penniless Sunida borrowed some money from the driver to leave the address to return the money and went to the woman’s residence with her father’s letter.At the woman’s door, Sunida found the groom kissing me with the woman, and said that here she could wait until she arrested her.Fricared fied she flew back for the caravan and climbed up again.

With no goal, she had only to take the car to meet with the gypsy people.At this time, the car more than a driver’s brother, in the two driver sitting in the driver’s position unaware, the two of them secretly became good friends and meet to keep a secret, natural food is inexplicably less.The two drivers did not know her existence, but also gave them the confidence to deal with the groom and detective interrogation, every examination is very easily past.

Later they arrived at the Gypsy camp, they slept in a bed, the drunk driver did not figure out what is going on, lying on the bed to find how to have six feet, climb off the bed how the little brother said only four feet, the film from time to time appeared such funny, humorous, humorous clips.In an accident, Sunida was exposed to everyone, to stay she promised to help cook for them.

Among the gypsy people is the star girl, because of the love of a driver suspected that the driver fell in love with the new girl, causing a lot of ugly fights.Once, Sunida, the big lady can not cook, a driver to help cook and burn black, the driver little brother went to change someone else’s food, the result became big.Someone offered to let the troubled girl leave, and Sunida had no way but to leave.The two drivers who were used to the girl’s existence suddenly became uneasy. The younger brother who regarded the girl as a good friend was even more sad. The girl did not go back to him without sleep.The driver then had to find Sunida again.The most unhappy thing is the star girl of the gypsy people.

Soon, the gypsy received a big order show, to the performance, the star girl offered to drive away the girl to perform and can not compromise.In desperation, a driver said to Sunida, you to jump, how to jump, I will cooperate with you.In this way, they danced under the eyes of the detective to make the audience hi.The wonderful song and dance made the partner driver fall in love with Sunida and took the opportunity to give her dividends to propose.As the head of the Jeep village happily announced their love, the star girl angrily returned to her tent.The head man saw this in the eyes, with a cobra came in and said to the girl: you are not happy, you can use this snake to kill her.But your lover’s heart died with the girl.Look at your lover sad, then you will be more sad than him.Gypsies have a tradition that they can die for the person who love, but you, even love is reluctant to sacrifice.These sensible words, let the girl think before thinking gradually become open-minded up.

The driver returned home with her fiancee Sunida and everyone to have a grand wedding. Sunida thought that she had not terminated her past engagement and could not get married against customs, so she fled the scene.We know from the message that she went to her father’s friend, the general manager, who should be back from Europe.Sunida at this time, is with the general manager agreed on the meeting place, to the meeting place, but to see the general manager and his father in his home fell dead, at this time was being onlookers.As detectives waiting here were about to hold Sunida, the two drivers looking for her happened to take her from the scene.

In fear, Sunida can only tell the truth about himself.All began to help her, and they decided to find the woman who held her father’s letter.Unexpectedly, there had been an ambush, explore the way, and then all fell into the trap has been taken away with two cars.Only a driver who fell drunk on the road was caught, was scared he immediately went back to move the rescuers.The first batch to catch away is the fiance driver and the younger brother, and the star girl.Just as Sunida’s original groom tied the fiance’s neck around his little brother’s shoulder for no support, the star girl himself cut off the deadly rope with a flying knife.The second car capturing the bride Sunida then arrived, and they saw the mob pull their men around and fled.

Where was Sunida taken to ?On a barren hill, the groom who tried to kill Sunida had dug a pit.The critical moment was when the gypsy arrived, and Sunida was saved in a life and death struggle, but unfortunately, the star girl was shot to protect them.The bastard groom ended up falling in the grave he had dug for others!

An encounter was a turn of life and death.Deep in the palm of demons, all depressed, worrying life can meet such a group of friends, is also a lucky Sunida’s misfortune.Face the benefactor, do you go home or stay?Dayi’s caravan decided to escort Sunida home together.

Upon arriving at their destination, the Gypsies bid farewell to Sunida together, including their fiance and younger brother, who were used to living their all-the-world acting life.Seeing her friends leaving like relatives, Sunidda suddenly realized that she had nothing but money, houses and cars. These talents are the most important thing in her life and are now inseparable from these people.She packed up and left home, stopped the caravan and saying to the surprised people and fiance, You don’t belong to me, but I belong to you and you.

Yes, not a beloved person at the point, big house, luxury house, money?Where is it home?The heart is home.Common experience of life and death, has already integrated them together, not relatives are better than relatives, no matter what they encounter in the future, must be no longer separated.



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