“Comet Beauty” “,All About Eve” – Movie Review


“Comet Beauty” “,All About Eve” (23rd Best Film, 1950)

Drama the award ceremony, a new actor took the crown.What kind of acting experience does she have?

A girl standing next to the theater every day is waiting to see the female stars and directors, and must see every new play.This let the screenwriter’s beautiful wife see in the eyes, one day, she was brought to the female star she worshipped, to satisfy her curiosity.After listening to the girl’s sad experience and love for her, the female star left the girl with her.While helping the female star deal with some things, the girl also carefully observed her habits, dress, manners, makeup, daily necessities, life and performance, and recorded it, often imitated.

The boyfriend of a female star is a famous director, and he is on a business trip on her birthday. The girl hides the female star, calls him, telegram, parasitic birthday congratulations cards and gifts, which makes the female star have a sense of foreboding and vigilance.The girl also took advantage of the time to contact directors, writers and commentators to express her opinions on the drama session, believing that people of different ages should be allowed to play the roles of different ages. These remarks are undoubtedly paving the way for her future opportunities.

Once, the female star for the rehearsal to a few hours late, the girl became a zero double, the results actually won praise, has the potential to replace the leading role.This makes the female star 8 years old boyfriend is very dissatisfied, a kind of insecurity suddenly born, was still in their own dinner, in front of friends on the matter wanton attack, make everyone unhappy, all think she made a fuss, take a problem is not a problem in punishing themselves.At this time, a little proud girl, actually after a performance, in the backstage dressing room, on the director threw out the temptation to tease, asked the director to fall in love with himself, revealing its original attempt, it can be seen that the female star intuition is right.

However, the move made the director very contempt and asked the girl, ” Don’t you know I love female stars?I only pursue the people I want to pursue, and I don’t like others to chase me.”How relieved if a female star sees this scene!Just this scene was heard and seen by the film and television commentators outside the door.The film and television commentator, who has coveted the girl for a long time, decided to pull the girl together to plan a “good drama”.

The next day, the headlines began to praise the acting skills of the new actors, raising the idea that the time for alternating old and new actors had come.This makes the female star very dissatisfied very angry, when her famous director boyfriend hurried to her side to comfort said, dear see this newspaper I came over, you were wronged, you can never be replaced, you are the best.From the bottom of the heart of love and affirmation, gave the female star great comfort, all the unhappiness was put down.It also contributed to their intention of an immediate marriage.

On the third day, the screenwriter’s wife felt the threat from the girl. Her husband was cheated by the girl in the middle of the night. As she once said, some things would be like an infectious disease, and now the writer’s wife is unlucky.The girl called on the incident in the middle of the night and deliberately told the film commentator that the writer left his wife to come to me yesterday midnight and he decided to marry me.After that also proudly fantasy how matched an excellent actor is with a good screenwriter, the drama industry will also produce many unprecedented masterpieces.The TV commentator immediately interrupted her dream and said, “It’s impossible. You belong to me from today on.”Film and television commentators put the recent investigation of the girl, the original girl in the past experience is all lies, which let the girl is destroyed.But they finally reached a consensus that they would be a couple bound on a thief boat without human love, a grasshopper tied to a rope.

The fourth day, they finally used blackmail means, to the screenwriter wife forced a screenwriter originally specially for female stars to create the new play leading role, in order to fight against the female star.Unexpectedly, the female star has already expressed no interest in this role, has been 40 years old, 15 years older than the role, is not very suitable, now feel the state is ready to get married.Female star such words, let the scriptwriter wife less a sense of crime, relieved she actually laughed, laughed everyone inexplicable.

In this way, the girl won the drama crown with this threatened role.Her word of thanks was magnificent.But who knows that the crown picker was once shameless, despicable and unscrupulous?Although due to the director’s self-esteem and self-love, and the female star inadvertently give up, some things and this matter seem to harm anyone, but who can say that the girl is not guilty?Can it show that she has succeeded?The girl may spend her life tied with an inhuman, no love demon, and accept the contempt of the circle.I don’t know what means she has to get rid of all this and what are the consequences? !Two inhuman and calculating people together, I really don’t know who finally calculated who?

At the end of the film, a little girl stepped into the footsteps of the new drama crown, reappeared the crown winning girl had just seen a female star, perhaps, the next female star, so began again!

The soil of a society does not change, where poisonous grass grows or grow poisonous grass!

彗星美人 All About Eve



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