“Contemporary Rape” ” All The King’s Men “- Movie Review


“Contemporary Rape” ” All The King’s Men 》(22nd Best Film, 1949)

The film tells the story of an ordinary American citizen who loves politics, is ambitious, successfully runs for governor by revealing government corruption, insisting his will to represent the people, and being shot dead when he wants to go for re-election.

From the manipulation of the first campaign to the defeat of the government and nobles, the citizen learned the tricks and tricks to make the campaign successful.In the later formation of a special campaign team, he refused to accept various economic assistance and support.When a new election came, he took not only on the mistakes of the government, and continued to buy people by promises, but also the recommendation of some faction organizations to regain the nomination.

At a moment when he had won his hearts and victory, he declared frankly that he wanted to get rid of all the organization and the control behind him and stick to the independent campaign.Finally, he was successfully elected with the cheers of the people.

Perhaps sit on the throne for fear of losing, or have greater ambition, he is cronyism in the policy circle, exclude dissent, privately build intimate circle, and strike the target blacklist.In the face of their family members and their own negligence, they did not just deal with it in accordance with the law, and actively find ways to regret and make up for the harm to the society, but openly fake to cover up. The work style was autocratic and overbearing, which aroused public dissatisfaction.In the face of the resignation of his inspectors, distrust of his opponents, an impeachment vote, and a huge threat to being re-elected governor, he managed to dig out scandals about his opponents to force the opposition to surrender, leading to the prosecutor’s suicide.

When he thought the trouble had passed, the vote of no confidence won, the governor’s campaign victory in hand, the world is his own world, in the crowd of the lively scene, was thought impossible to hurt him shot face to face.

It may be in his winning speech: ” The people who want to defeat me are finally defeated by me. My victory is the victory of the people.”The words caused the killing.Perhaps in the eyes of some people, how can such a bully represent the people?How could the many harmful things he had done be the will of the people and the country?

If he feels a little repentant and sincerely apologizes to the opposition, it may have been completely different.In dying, he was full of regret!

It’s right to win the world, but can the world last long?Will people with some conscience and bloody and upright people allow such people to embrace the world?

Politics, never participate in distractions and thick dark science.Control, play with politics, it is likely to bury their own lives!

当代奸雄 All the King’s Men



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