“In the Rain” “Renaissance” ” Singin In The Rain” – Movie Review


“In the Rain” “Renaissance” ” Singin In The Rain”,(Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, Best Music Nomination, 1952)

During the silent film period, a pair of golden movie stars were mistaken for a lover.When the actress forced the male star to belong to himself, the male star secretly fell in love with an unknown little actor.At this time, the film also changed from silent to sound, abrupt voice and inaccurate actress, received unprecedented challenges.

However, the disaster of the female star is the beginning of the male star girlfriend.

The first audio film they tried for was not liked, mainly by the abrupt sound of the film.Once, when male stars met with their girlfriends and friends, they did not find their own singing so beautiful and tap dancing so great, so they came up with the idea of replacing part of the film with song and dance.The actor’s girlfriend was lucky to be the voice actor behind the actress because of her sweet voice, and also played some small roles in the plot.

in the producer took a fancy to the voice actor and ready to add play to her, was strongly opposed and threatened by the female star, her image is not allowed to appear on the screen, only dubbing.

After several efforts, their revised film was a major success.When the audience asked the award-winning actors to speak, the female stars who did not speak in front of people due to voice defects made a speech from their own claims.People were therefore confused, and questioned that the sweet voice in the film may not be her voice, to verify, asked her to sing a song from the film.At this time, the voice actor stood behind the stage and sang with her mouth style.At the end of the singing, the male star and good friend screenwriter together prank the curtain behind the female star, the voice actors exposed to the audience, funny is the female star is still singing in love at this time.After such a more cruel, regardless of the truth to reveal the scene, the suppressed voice actor, finally pulled out the clouds to see the sun to get the opportunity to show the acting talent, and finally replaced the female star, appeared in the subsequent film poster.

Seeing such an end, is it some regret for the female stars, if the female star has an accommodating mind, and is successful while helping the young actors grow up, she should be an irreplaceable dazzling star in the public and the media.The movie also tells people that as long as you have enough talent, the opportunity will appear in front of you sooner or later, and the favor of bole and heaven will help you break through all insurmountable obstacles

雨中曲 Singin’ in the Rain



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