Ivan Emperor, (1944) – Movie Review


Ivan Emperor, (1944)
This is a story of Ivan in the early days of the founding of the founding emperor unifying Russia in the late 17th century.
A person ruled out all difficulties and ignored the opposition of his neighbors and strong powers to dare to declare himself emperor, because there is no ego. He spent the rest of his life trying to build a unified Russia. He was firm and clear goals. To ensure the goal, excluding the consensus, he used all manpower, material resources and national strength to build a national arm.
People who mind the overall situation of the country are naturally incompatible with people who are selfish, self and local. Unable to persuade the nobles, he used his rights to let the small pattern make way for the large pattern, and even stripped off the land and wealth of the nobles who were reluctant to compromise.
You was the emperor, and they rebelled. The only trusted empress left him because the indoor cup was poisoned, and the nobles fled to other countries with funds. The generals who expand their territory everywhere have also become defeated and treason. Unified Russia is unsustainable.
Finally, on the advice of the people, he began to use the lower, loyal people as his escort, establishing an unbreakable iron wall that maintained the will and ideals of him and the people. At the same time, he chose to leave the capital Moscow to the village Alexander, and said that I returned only when the people begged me to return to Moscow.
The last scene of the film is Ivan from a distance, winding people slowly to him. Perhaps it was this scene that attracted much attention and moved Emperor Ivan, perhaps he felt the right time, location and maturity, he decided to start back to
Moscow and start the great cause of unified Russia.
This immortal achievement should be an ancient Chinese saying: a will! The people win the world!



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