“Nights Arabian Nights “- Movie Review


“Nights Arabian Nights “, 15th Academy Awards (1942)

The film begins with a concubine in the imperial palace, reading a story together every day.This time together, they tell a real story in the Arab world.

In the story, the elder brother refused to accept his younger brother as the king, was arrested in a coup, was set on the cross for seven days and seven nights have not been broken.Brother pity brother was once a great hero, but now he was so tortured, want to release it for his brother.The Prime Minister said he is a great hero, he is a great hero but a great traitor, if you change positions, he will be more cruel than you.Again, he covet your throne because a dancer he likes once said that he would marry him whenever he gets the throne.He was killed by the dancer.

At this time, the empty execution field suddenly flew a few people in black, it turned out to be the king’s brother came down to rob the execution field, at the same time stabbed the king to help his brother usurp the throne.The king is injured in his escape and is discovered by small star actor Ali in a drama group performing plays near the palace.He went to the king and saw the king’s unique signature ring, and to protect him, he took it off to an unrecognizable body nearby, and called the star dancer who fascinated his brother to rescue the king to the residence together.The king awoke and was told that his brother was in place, and was now looking for him and the dancer.Knowing that Ali and the dancer saved him, he appreciated Ali’s intelligence, hid his identity in the escape, also appreciated the beauty of the dancer, and told her that he liked her, said she did look like a queen as legend, or she not to go to the palace, to ensure that she would become queen in the future.

But the dancer did not know that he was the king, did not believe his words, waiting to go to the palace, also said that the fortune teller was even good, she was the queen.At this moment, a pair of men broke in, saying that the new king had sent the girl to receive the dancer into the palace and asked everyone to accompany them.The king thought that he could just go into the palace to find an opportunity to get rid of the usurper.So he shaved off the standard king’s beard and followed the line in disguise.

They found themselves not on the way to the palace, but to the slave auction market.It turned out that the job was privately sent by the prime minister, and the king in the team was betrayed by the prime minister.In the auction, the auctioneer was shocked by the arrogance of the dancer, admiring the king mixed among the slaves.Unwilling to be slaves, so they tried to untie the bundle and escape.The result was captured back by the new King.

The Prime Minister found that the captured star dancer really loved another man, much like the old king, and wanted to test it.In the face of doubts, the prime minister decided to kill one stone with one stone, because he also had considerable royal ambition.So said to the dancer, you want to save your lover, yes, but you must wear this poisonous ring, and put the medicine in the new king’s glass at your wedding party with the new king.Now I can send your loved one away and let him free.With that, the Prime Minister sent several cavalry to send the old King away, and privately confessed to kill him across the river.This was just heard by the little star actor Ali stabbed to probe.

Ali ran ahead of them with a gang of men, ready to wait for them in an iron shop by the river.When the cavalry escorting the king arrived, one of Ali’s group deliberately lured the men escorting the king one by one into the house, and knocked them unconscious to the ground one by the other at the entrance.The king, who had lifted the shackles, told the clever ghost Ali, to tell everyone the truth of my life, and ask everyone to come to the palace, and the rest followed me back to the palace.

The palace is holding a wedding, and the star dancer put the poison in the ring to the wine during the performance.Just as the new king took up the glass, the dancer could not bear to take it for herself, when the king who dived into the palace had mixed with them and patted the glass on the ground.And said to the surprised people, don’t you know me anymore?Everyone immediately called: The king is still alive!In an instant, a battle began.

The old and new kings fought together, and just as the new king was about to swing his last dagger at the old king, the Prime Minister’s sword fell far into the new king.When the new king was again ready to solve the old king who had fallen to the ground, Ali rushed in and threw the Prime Minister into the sea of fire.

There is a proverb in China, sometimes life must have, life in the time.Belongs to you can not rob, not you can not stay. ambition is out of time and will pay the cost of life.

Finally, the star dancer really became the queen, as the fortune-teller had predicted!

《天方夜谭》《Arabian Nights》影评:奥斯卡获奖影片中的人生百态


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