“Pride and Prejudice” – Movie Review


“Pride and Prejudice” ” Pride And prejudice “,(Academy Awards 13th Best Art Direction, 1940)

Two handsome noble youth came to a small English town for a temporary stay, attracting a large group of girls and families deliberately looking for their son-in-law.In particular, families where wealth was only spread to men but only girls, because at that era, if their family father died, the women would be driven out of the house.

At a family dance, a second child, with only five girls, admired a handsome noble youth who had just come to town. Unfortunately, he overheard what they could not see the contempt words of the girl here, and suddenly felt a resentment in his heart.

Thought missed this, did not think of aristocratic youth with daily exchanges unexpectedly gradually love her, love in words.The stereotypes she had heard were still fermenting on the girl, who inevitably deliberately neglected him, trying to vent her resentment, mocked him with the contempt language he had spoken, and treated him with arrogance as he had in the past.

For the days of the Cold War, she seemed to feel the sincerity of the handsome noble youth.When he heard that he only care about his integrity, ability, honest evaluation, rather than admire the wealth, money, appearance, he began to gradually have a goodwill for him, slowly began to accept him from the heart.

While accepting the noble youth to express their love again, they accidentally at the same time heard that the girl’s mother is not far away is showing off to others how to set up a bureau for the girl’s sister so as to get the favor and love of the noble young friends.Suddenly, both of them were stunned!Perhaps afraid of being designed, the next two handsome and noble young men said goodbye and soon returned to the British capital, London.The girl and her sister faced the embarrassment of being abandoned overnight.

Perhaps he was really tempted, or perhaps he really fell in love. In a later meeting, the handsome noble youth told the girl about the prejudice in the aristocracy and the existence of the social class had a lot of estrangement, and detailed that these could not hinder their yearning and admiration for the girl.Such rhetoric, no doubt, aroused the girl’s hatred of this prejudice among the nobles, blaming him for the destruction of his sister’s good marriage, and his contempt of the former inheritance and deserinheritance, and turning him to patronage.

In the following days, the girl’s heart has been regret, she said those words are not sincere, clearly like him, why said is against the expression of the heart?At this time, the girl’s youngest sister eloped with the past fate of the handsome noble youth, such a scandal would eventually prevent the family to settle in a traditional, old town, so the family decided to move to a remote town to live.The handsome noble youth who learned of the situation made a decision at this critical moment to help the family through and change the fortunes of their family.

Soon, the eloped little sister came back wearing a wedding ring, but also with an entourage and followers, from the elope into getting married, but also became a rich woman.Asked why, it was the death of the new husband’s uncle that left them with an endless legacy.The family regained their face in the town, glad not to drift from place to place.Just then the aunt of the handsome noble youth came to the girl’s house to confirm the girl’s attitude towards her nephew.In a dialogue, the collision of two proud self-souls, unexpectedly secretly caused the aunt’s goodwill.When confirming that the girl had not given up the idea of renewing her nephew, she congratulated her nephew, who was waiting outside the house, aren’t you a person who appreciates fighting with you?That’s where she is.

Then the girl felt that the little sister’s husband’s overnight fortune was a gift from a handsome noble youth regardless of the past, although he was noble enough to admit it.Arriame with the handsome noble youth, and the girl sister’s boyfriend, broken thoughts reconnect them again.The final picture in the camera is that the sister, who seems to have no love, is also singing with the people she likes.

The ending of the movie is happy, the peak loop to end the good fruit!

Happy for the masters, do you feel that in the future, do not premature underground conclusions, things may change with the development of time and things, may be a good thing.If love goes on a detour, then let its course, maybe also can know each other’s world again, see more never seen scenery.

To achieve the purpose, we must firmly believe that: the method, must be more than difficulties; will, must beat the elimination of time; determination, must make it impossible to become possible!



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