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The Butterfly Dream (Best Picture at the 13th Academy Awards, 1949) is the story of a British noble gentleman causing family changes from his marriage.

A noble gentleman, admired by the world, had a misunderstanding to jump into the sea on the seaside cliff of a resort and met a young girl; and then they met in the same hotel, and they knew each other. The gentleman, who came away from home after his beautiful wife drowned, is rumored to worship his beautiful wife, is in the condition of both parents and being hired by a lady as a female companion.

Perhaps simple, perhaps lack of companions, two people every morning to drive out for a ride, get along with the gentleman is often hurt by the girl innocent and clumsy words, touched the girl do not want to see the past to look back and the heart. However, the girl’s loyal, pure, beautiful side, or let the gentleman heart, when the girl with the master to go to New York, he did not want to miss the fate and decided to marry her. Short chance encounters, hasty marriage, and even no wedding. When they wondered whether they were really in love, they returned to the gentleman’s house with ——, the enviable famous Mandari Castle.

Marriage was surprised and confident, but when a gorgeous castle and a group of servants showed her, she was afraid and terrified that the former lady was the most beautiful beauty everyone had ever seen in her life, both fashion, intelligent, rational, funny, sought and admired, and celebrities took pride in her castle party. A maid housekeeper, who also deliberately displayed the charm of his former mistress, deliberately rumored that the master missed his dead wife, openly declared that the new mistress was not worthy, and induced her to jump into the sea; these cruel practices, only because the maid too adored the past master, and had great contempt for the new master, and probably perverted by jealousy.

All this, leaving this new mistress overwhelmed, wondering how to handle daily life, wondering how to love his husband, is always separated by a beautiful, omnipotent ex-wife between her and her husband. Seeing her confusion, the good people around judged, you also have characteristics, you are pure, kind, loyal. In fact, these traits are far better than beauty and wit.

In the confusion, she chose to restore her husband’s former luxurious life, hoping to do better than ever. When she tried her best to imitate her ex-wife, let the castle reply to the previous lively, brilliant, bright days and hold a grand party party, the maid housekeeper intended to mislead her to use her former lady to dress up, but triggered the surprise of the host and people around her.

As the hero and heroine revisit whether they are really suitable for each other, all the discomfort and confusion of getting along, collapsed after the sinking of his ex-wife was found. In dealing with the sinking event, exposed the castle and the host and ex-wife, the original past heard, see illusion, master has been married has not been happy, her wife before marriage are not loyal, just consider reputation and face, after marriage under a two interference living under a eaves. Although her ex-wife’s death was her own mistake, she’s excessive behavior made the owner had the idea of killing his wife.

The court handling of the sinking and the investigation ruled out the homicide, and doctors confirmed that his ex-wife had been confirmed of terminal cancer just before her death.

Experienced this matter, the men and women have come out of the confusion, the heart of no estrangement, emotion naturally integrated into one, originally they really love each other, a better life has just begun. At this very moment of longing, the maid housekeeper, unwilling to see the new mistress and master living happily in the castle, burned the famous castle. After closing the case in the court, he hurried back from the city overnight, and saw the raging fire on the morning way to home. Beside the castle, where was his wife? Anxious male master suddenly saw the wife ran out of the fire, they embrace happily together, at this time, what is more important than having a life wife! As they looked back at the castle in the fire, the maid butler fell with the castle in the unfortunate past.

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