“The Legend of Heroes” – Movie Review


“The Legend of Heroes” (25th Academy Award Best Picture Nomination ,1952)
“The Legend of Heroes” was reissued, I read it back, and was still moved by the film story of the 12th century!
Richard, the lion heart, was hijacked by the Austrian king during the inspection, but the people did not go, and his guard Ai Wenhao was also believed to die with the king. At this time, Ai Wenhao had been looking for the whereabouts of the king, wandering under the castles and singing songs that the king could understand, hoping that the king could hear his voice and give an echo.
Hard work paid off, and finally under the Austrian castle, he received a letter from the king and got the truth of the king’s situation. Austria demanded a ransom of 15 0,000 silver, a year of British harvest, which the King’s brother John, was reluctant to pay, intended to steal the throne. Perhaps the hijacking between the King of Austria and his brother, and the support of the Normans.
To this end, Ai Wenhao, a Saxon man loyal to the king, embarked on a difficult journey to rescue the king.
For his life, heroic behavior and loyalty to the country and the king, Ai soon received financial donations and armed support from Jews, native Saxons, Yorkans, and envious men and women. However, he was also pursued by the king’s brother and the Normans. Once, when the life was saved when the castle was forced to pay a ransom for the king, the Saracon armed forces stormed the siege to relieve the siege.
In the midst of the desperate life and death, they helped each other, and finally worked together to receive the king, ending the scuffle and dark day between the Chinese people.
In the film, the story of the rebirth of the British Lion Heart King and the rebirth of the country are all unfolding along the track of Ai Wenhao’s activities. Ai Wenhao seems to have the personality charm, bravery, loyalty and determination revealed in the rescue of the king, with a great field of energy. People admired him, admired him, consciously gathered around him, and finally made concerted efforts to achieve the desire to save the king.
It is rare that a king has such a loyal minister, and what is more rare is that this loyal minister still has a hero.
What is a hero? Without heroes and heroic influence, the people of this country should be a mess.All say the world, and this film tells us that a heart can restore the world!



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