“The Little Woman” – Movie Review


“The Little Woman”, (1934, was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture at the 6th Academy Awards. )

It is a story describing the war years occurring in a high-class family in the West.

A big family with four daughters, after her husband went to the front line for war, how should the left-behind family live, how to get along with the neighbors?

Little women, from letters from their father. For their father mentioned in the letter that he hoped to return at the end of the war, they could see his daughters grow into loved and sensible little women.

Dad’s hope is undoubtedly the direction of the main mother of the family. Under the guidance of the mother this backbone, they use each other as a bond, dear each other, at the same time, but also with love to affect the neighbors, gradually formed a philanthropic family with the close neighbors, into each other, sincerely get along with, happy and harmonious.

In the film, there are many literary and happy family gatherings, sad scenes of life and death, and boarding trips to friends and relatives. No doubt these, as well as the impermanence, twists and turns, let the daughters to grow up.

Rich, beneficial life experience, always will have unexpected harvest. When looking at the world, perhaps a casual thing, has achieved a turning point in life. The same is true in the film.

At the end of the film, the daughters have gained their own love, let the parents feel very gratified, is more satisfactory.

The only regret, is a failed love inside, because the little boy was rejected and early to give up the relationship of life regret, is a pain point, this pain point is enough to point people —— love is the need for patience and adhere to the !

小妇人 Little Women



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