“yal Home” 《MRS.MINIVER 》 – Movie Review


“yal Home” 《MRS.MINIVER 》(15th Best Film, 1942)

The film tells the story of small British towns during World War II.

A rich family, a beautiful wife, lovely children, a family rational, kind, servant thoughtful service. His wife’s gentle character and beauty were loved by her close neighbors, and the new rose cultivated by the neighbors decided to name her title, while preparing to use it for the flower competition regularly held in the town. At ordinary times, the neighbors hold dances to each other, go to church on Sunday, buy what they like, and do what they like.

In all that is so peaceful and beautiful, the war broke out. The husband of the wealthy family, sailed into thousands of civilian boats organized by the government to participate in the rescue of the 400,000 British army being trapped in the beach. His son, who studied at Oxford, also joined the British Air Force and went into battle.

The handsome sons married between the war, the same granddaughter of noble descent, not afraid to become widow widowers, even though the former luxurious home had been half been blown into ruins by passing planes. It is agreed that if the war makes life very short, why not enjoy this short happiness. As the newlyweds finished their honeymoon and the town flower show as scheduled, the war reached their doorstep.

The people of the town, on the battlefield, left in hiding with a cellar. Once, when the wife of the wealthy family drove her son to the airport to put into battle, she suffered an air strike on the way back. The newly married daughter-in-law was unfortunately shot into the mother-in-law’s arms by plane bullets in the car. Such unfortunate experiences continue to happen in the small town.

Between the bombing, everyone gathered in the chapel, but changed. The auditorium has become a ruin, although the rich family support the husband of the front and the son of the air force battle returned to the side, but the new daughter-in-law will never return, the rose champion has also left in the bombing, there are many unknown old and young women. Gunguns roared in the distance and the war continued. In the dilapidated church, the solemn priest leader finished singing, said sadly: why the war made should be safe sacrifice? This shows that war is not only in the front line, not only to a certain area, not only the military battle, it is the national battle. We should all become soldiers, we should drive out the invaders out, we should defeat them, we must achieve the final victory!

The words of the priest, shouted out the aspirations of everyone, to overcome the arrogant fascism, we have to rely on the whole people to fight, and all the just countries of the alliance to fight together! It became a consensus in the face of a devastating and brutal war.

The final victory, truly proves this!

忠勇之家 Mrs. Miniver



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