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“A Night Romance,” (Best Film at the 6th Academy Awards, 1934.)

Fate thousands of miles to meet, no meet not blind date .This is the story of two people meet in a car to New York City, from the beginning to hate each other, to finally reluctant to separate and then love each other and get married.

One of them was a rich lady who escaped by her father in a boat. She wanted to marry her fiance, but her father sent a detective to recover her; one is a front-page column just dismissed by the newspaper.

At first, the two people fought for a seat happened unhappy, not pleasing to each other.In a transfer, Miss’s box was stolen behind her, the reporter immediately chased but did not catch up, Miss saw laughed at him, the reporter said I was chasing your box, which let Miss’s attitude from now on.When she once got off to rest, the driver did not wait for the late young lady to drive away, but the reporter was waiting for her.The reporter told Miss that he had seen her search in the newspaper that she would not inform her and bear the rest of her trip, but that her escape would become his exclusive news.So they gang up together on the road.

In the car, Miss was teased by a bored guy nearby. When Miss was at a loss, the reporter said to the guy, Can we change our position?He is my wife.This immediately resolved the embarrassment of Miss being harassed, who was very grateful.After that, the people on the car treated them as a couple.

On the way, all the people on the car had to spend a night in the hotel, because the box lost penniless miss had to live in a room with the reporter.The reporter hung a blanket to do a wall, with a frank attitude and humorous funny, eliminated the Miss tension, no night.The next morning, when the young lady got up, the reporter had bought early back and busy fried eggs, milk coffee, and called Miss dinner together, which let the young lady permeated with a face of happiness.At that point, the detective knocked at the door.Remember to call Miss Miss to mess with hair, while pretending to be a couple to make a small sesame quarrel, actually cheated a confused detective.As soon as the detective went out, the two laughed at them.The reporter’s clever, smart, considerate, make two people get along become easy and happy, add trust to each other.

After returning on the bus, they met a small band and they spent a good time together.At this time, the front harassment the harassment, found that the newspaper’s father reward 10,000 yuan of information to find someone.In the gap off the rest, this person found the reporter, expose they are a fake couple, and then asked the reporter to go with him to Sue miss, reward for half.Seeing that things were about to be exposed, the reporter took the man to a remote place and asked him, did you take a gun?I want to collapse you.Say again, you do not know miss is the underworld chip, this is better than ten thousand bounty several hundred times, you want bad underworld thing?The words made the man shrink back and ran away.Later, the reporter told this to Miss Miss, and they laughed happily together.The reporter’s fearless wisdom made Miss Miss sit up and take notice.

Thinking of being recognized and afraid that people who wanted to reward would change their mind to report the case, they decided to get off and walk and take a taxi.They lived in the field they lived for the night, the young lady said she was very hungry, the reporter went at midnight to find the miss to eat and said not hungry, the reporter thought she was really tired.When the reporter paved the floor with the grass in the haystack, the young lady was lying on the ground trying to kiss him. The reporter was stunned and left, smoking and meditating nearby.Miss lady asked, ” What are you thinking?”The reporter said:” I am thinking of you, how such a young lady can be so careless (hug).”Since then, the reporter in the miss’s heart, should gradually rise for the image of a gentleman.

At dawn, they get up early to invite on the roadside to invite a car, the reporter funny car theory, the film outside the people laugh.The reporter’s lovely, let the miss also become interesting, their eight immortals across the sea each show talent, so that the trick finally invited a car.Get on the bus only for a while, the driver said to go down to eat, in the two people walking on the side of the road, the driver suddenly turned back on the bus to the car with their luggage actually drove away, the original driver is a road liar.The reporter immediately ran to catch up, actually catch up, beat the driver for a while, but also tied him to the tree, drove the car back.The reporter’s feat, let the miss is very appreciate, when the hand, a real man.In the car, had not want to eat the reporter radish miss to eat the radish, she has been completely conquered by the reporter, now the reporter said what she believes what.

Still three hours from New York, Miss asked not to spend one night at the roadside hotel.Aren’t you going to go to New York to find your fiance?Why not go here all night?Alpenniless, they let them in when the hotel thought they were staying for seven days.Before fell asleep, the girl asked across the wall built with a blanket, will we still meet?No.Will you visit our house?No.Have you ever thought about finding a girlfriend?You are sure to make a woman live very happy.Listening to the girl’s cross-examination, the reporter said at a loss, thought about, but now lively and frank girl is too few.He describes his ideal world, hoping that his favorite girl can have the same yearning, and be willing to experience this unknown world together.Hearing this, Miss Miss excited ran over the wall, told reporters, take me away, I love you, everything else is not a problem, my life can not be without you, I want to marry you.In the face of the girl’s confession, the reporter was not sure what this was going on, perhaps to reason, the excited crying young lady to persuade back to her own bed.By the time it was confirmed that it was not false but true, Miss was asleep.

The reporter went to the gas station early in the morning to mortgage all the valuable things, got some gasoline and drove to their original newspaper, wrote a story of their love with Miss, published in the headline for 1000 yuan, which is a plan to propose to Miss, and solve the problem of accommodation fees.On the way to get the money back to the hotel before Miss woke up, he found a police convoy moving fast behind him, which passed him and soon folded back, looking at the oncoming convoy, and found Miss sitting inside.He turned around and chased him, but a broken car could not catch.

Originally, when the reporter left in the middle of the night, was found by the innkeeper, thought they were running away, looking back to find the miss is still in, woke up the girl in the sleep.He chased her out when asking for money.Miss lady thought the reporter hated him running away, and called her father at the police station and said he would go home.The father, who had then compromised with Miss’s fiance, led her fiance by the police with her.

After the newspaper headlines, of course, not the story of Miss will terminate the engagement and marry the reporter, but long live love, because Miss finally returned to the arms of her fiance.When the newspaper thought it had been cheated of 1000 yuan, the reporter returned to the newspaper and returned 1000 yuan to them, and said it was just a joke.

When Miss returned home, she was very unhappy these days before marriage, which made her father feel what Miss might have encountered on her way to escape?Miss finally could not help crying and told her father about her feelings for the reporter.He had opposed his daughter’s marriage to this useless future son-in-law, so he told his daughter that since he didn’t go to him, the daughter said she did not know where he went.When the girl spoke the reporter’s name to herself, her father took out a note with the matter of asking for money, and the reporter’s signature.They thought the note was for reward, which despised the girl and thought that the reporter was just a little man for money.With this feeling, Miss Miss actually untied the knot, like lost the burden in the heart suddenly opened up.When the fiance broke in, Miss said you came really when, after my happiness will depend on you.

At this time, his father called a reporter to offer him to talk about it.After meeting, the reporter only returned to the dozens of dollars he spent for the girl. He was surprised to get 10,000 yuan, said he did not think about this and would not want a bounty.When the reporter took the money to leave, my father asked, Do you love my daughter?’Your daughter is too troublesome,’ the reporter said.The Father asked again, do you love my daughter?The reporter said that she always makes people crazy, but always make people around.Father asked again, do you like my daughter?The reporter finally said, yes, but I’m not sure either.The reporter who went out, met miss, they have no words just look at him, the father immediately came out to tell the reporter about no bounty, but Miss is still in stereotypes can not extricate themselves, so refused all the conversation about the reporter.

On the next day’s wedding, the pilot identity of the fiance driving the plane to the big lawn of the scene, let the scene heart tide Peng worship, the interview reporters all present, is really a grand wedding banquet.On the ten concierge route where the father wanted to give the bride to the groom, the father helped the bride make the right decision.He told the bride that the reporter wanted no bounty and praised the character, saying, If you married the reporter, it would be a thing that you and I would both feel very happy.But now it’s up to you to decide that if you don’t want to marry him too late, and a car is parked by the roadside, you can run away, and the groom I can do it with money.In such a Ming Dali, can grasp the overall situation of the father planning, the bride in the father gave himself to the groom after the priest asked the bride if he wanted, the bride turned around and ran away, she carried the French wedding dress, all the way through the crowd to a car parked by the roadside ran.The waking groom and the crowd, interview reporters began to chase, but no one can catch up, had to watch the bride sit on the car to run without a trace.The groom asked his father what was on, who said I didn’t know, after that he chuckled.

Later, the reporter and bride sent a telegram saying that she was on vacation in New Jersey and that the wall will the divorce be completed?The father, who happened to negotiate compensation with the groom, replied that the matter was being done, and the wall would let it down.A lovely father, so in the beginning of the intentional and after the daughter’s happy marriage.

The girl had two equally free and desperate relationships, but the former was lost to the latter.The previous relationship film is not described, but behind how the girl fell in love with the poor reporter is clear.What kind of person do the girls like?Maybe this movie could give an answer!

一夜风流 It Happened One Night



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