Heavenly Dreams – Movie Review


Heavenly Dreams, (Best Supporting Actress at the 28th Academy Awards, 1955)

The film tells the story of a child’s mother because of personality incompatibility with her husband, abandon her son to pursue their own free life, leads to a lack of maternal love child, has been eager to love and be recognized in the growth of the story.

The father in the film is a good man, upright and kind, but too dogmatic and rigorous. His wife is beautiful, lively and casual, but can not stand her husband to seriously read the Bible, as well as many clear precepts of dogma and ways of life. The two have different ideas of life, causing their wife running away from home.

The father did not realize his problems, and the way he treated people ran through the education of the two sons. Perhaps because of his personality problems, the eldest son could bear them, and the younger son, like his mother, was extremely resistant and disdain. Father and son both have their own insistence and are unwilling to compromise. The younger son is smart and kind, and has a lot of ideas and measures, including his own investment to lose money, but is not recognized by his father, very disappointed, to outsiders, he is like a child growing up, has been in trial and wrong, difficult to reach the height of a man in the eyes of outsiders.

When the younger son learned that his mother was not dead and lived on the other side of the mountain, he often climbed the train to visit him and learned about his mother’s unhappy marriage with his mother and found the reason why his father was out of place with himself. The unhappiness between father and son was not solved until the father’s life was in danger. The youngest son’s girlfriend realizes the confusion between the father and son, if the father made a tolerant and loving attitude, may open the son’s heart will be a lifetime unhappy knot.

His father finally realized this in his hospital bed, and he recognized his son’s behavior, feeling the love, recognition and trust for the first time in his life. Do a son of a trace of pride, finally have a confidence. Perhaps, his future life will change from then on.

Finally, the decision to be a son dismissed the nurse, to take care of and accompany the father who was paralyzed in bed. There is no estrangement between father and son, only to cherish the few remaining days.

Fortunately, the father and son in this unfortunate family finally became attached to love. Love, it really needs to be expressed correctly!


Most of family misfortune may be a problem of how to get along. This way is “love.” Families with love are happy, love love each has their own misfortune!

(Because of love, will accept the imperfection; love, will be dedicated and responsible; love, will not be stingy recognition, appreciation and encouragement! Love, will make people feel warm, confident and confidence! Love will make people have a sense of belonging! Although the film later reverse expressed this love starting from recognition and appreciation! )

However, love can also be expressed correctly, otherwise, things will be reversed. Just as in the movie, to children harsh, rigid, dogmatic, as well as some feudal meaning of the selfish bondage, stick under the love, hate iron is not steel!

Western society, divorce, do not love, each to find new love, which should be a positive attitude towards life compared with maintaining a lifestyle of a family without love!

Tolstoy said: Happy marriages are similar, unhappy marriages have their own misfortune! How should we resolve each of its own misfortunes?Maybe there are many people in the world who are on the road of solution!

(Happy marriages are all similar, and unhappy marriages have their own misfortune! How should each of its own misfortunes? How can unhappy marriages be discovered and avoided before marriage? And how to develop a good marriage relationship? This should be a sociological question! The bureau may also consider incorporating premarital education into its work plan. )


伊甸园之东 East of Eden



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