“I Am Not a Drug Lord” (2018) Movie Reviews


“I Am Not a Drug Lord” (2018) is a Chinese film that tells the story of a man named Liu Fei who becomes embroiled in the world of counterfeit medicine after his young daughter is diagnosed with leukemia. Liu Fei, played by Wang Chuanjun, is a hard-working and dedicated father who is desperate to save his daughter’s life. After being unable to find the medicine she needs through conventional means, he turns to the black market where he comes into contact with a group of counterfeit drug dealers. Despite his initial reluctance, Liu Fei becomes involved in the illegal trade and begins to thrive, using his newfound wealth to fund his daughter’s medical treatment.

As Liu Fei becomes more deeply involved in the counterfeit drug trade, he finds himself facing a number of difficult moral and ethical dilemmas. On the one hand, he is motivated by a desire to save his daughter’s life and provide for his family, but on the other hand, he is aware that his actions are contributing to a dangerous and illegal market that is putting countless lives at risk. The film does an excellent job of exploring these complex themes, painting a nuanced picture of Liu Fei as a character who is both sympathetic and flawed.

One of the most powerful aspects of the film is its depiction of the devastating impact of counterfeit medicine on individuals and communities. Throughout the film, we see people suffering from illnesses that are made worse by fake medicine, and we are exposed to the devastating human toll that this illegal trade is taking. The film also touches on a number of wider social and political issues, including corruption, greed, and the unequal distribution of healthcare resources.

The acting in “I Am Not a Drug Lord” is top-notch, with Wang Chuanjun delivering a powerful and nuanced performance as Liu Fei. The film also features strong supporting performances from a talented cast, including Zhou Xiaodong, who plays Liu Fei’s daughter, and Tan Zhuo, who plays a corrupt government official. The cinematography is excellent, capturing the gritty, lived-in feel of the film’s locations and adding to the film’s overall sense of realism.

Overall, “I Am Not a Drug Lord” is a powerful and thought-provoking film that sheds light on a crucial global issue and explores complex moral and ethical dilemmas in a nuanced and compelling way. The film is a must-watch for anyone interested in social justice, healthcare, and the impact of counterfeits on people’s lives.

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