“An American in Paris” – Movie Review


“An American in Paris” aka “Huadu Yan Dance” (Best Picture at the 24th Academy Awards, 1951)

An unknown single painter happened to live in a building with a theatre actor and a piano accompaniment. With art together, the painting style of the film seems to be different. Small concerts happen at any time, as long as anyone is happy, accompaniment, singing, tap dancing will rise, and people nearby will join in, or sing or dance, funny and humorous. In particular, single painters, who love tap dance, are the most popular, especially the children, who are full of the cowboy vitality of the western United States.

But single painters are sometimes poor to lunch. Once a tourist to him on the side of the painting, caused his dissatisfaction to vent, do not want to do this, attract the attention of an oil tycoon daughter, after appreciating his painting not only spent dozens of times to buy his paintings, later provided him with a luxury studio, to help him become famous, hold an exhibition.

At a party where the tycoon’s daughter took him to meet some connoisseurs and collectors, he glanced at a thrilling girl at the next table. In his later relationship with the girl, he vaguely felt that the girl did not open up as secretive as himself, living with several artistic partners, gave him ideas to solve his heart. The theater partner said, Did you ever tell the girl that you love her? And proudly told him of his experience of just proposing how he should do it. In fact, this successful drama proposed girlfriend is the girl that the single painter fell in love with, but they don’t know each other, a little dramatic.

Can think after the result, the pursuit of the single painter was rejected, into the brokenhearted decadence. At a party after he turned to love his daughter, when he saw the girl again, he knew his true love, and made a sincere explanation and apology to the tycoon daughter, since not true love, do not deceive themselves, this is a proper gentleman.

The girl was ready to go to America, and said his last farewell on the balcony of the party. With a firm departure, and inseparable words, her fiance stood behind the curtain, with no reaction but deep reflection. When the single painter saw the couple leave by car, and made the dream of dramatic singing and dancing in the United States, the couple drove the car back. The girl was racing toward him!

Really love the people, did not miss each other, did not leave regret, is worth celebrating. But the most touching, appreciated the scene, should be the girl’s fiance, I saw him standing behind the girl, with the beauty of adult eyes, sending his beloved fiancee, into the embrace of her favorite people!

Love, is love her (he) loves.

一个美国人在巴黎 An American in Paris



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