La Traviata – Movie Review


La Traviata (nominated for Best Actress and Best Picture in 1938)

This is the story of a dusty woman named La Traviata in the French aristocratic social circle. A person who makes a living, only near the big money to have luxury capital and rely on. La Traviata in the process of spending time on a big money, because of a strange combination of circumstances to recognize the people who came to have a date, so that its later life is full of twists and turns and downs.

In an aristocratic club date, La Traviata learned that a handsome boy had admired him for a long time, but not the noble gentleman to meet, so La Traviata had to say goodbye. And the exit boy, did not give up this emotion, has been silently in its far attention to her life.

When La Traviata almost forgot the little boy, the old lady-in-law told her that the little boy was sending her flowers every day during the days when she was sick. Hearing this, La Traviata’s silent heartstrings was moved and decided to invite the little boy to a family dinner.

You love I like the comfortable party means that the little boy and La Traviata will begin a beautiful relationship, but unfortunately, the original abandoned La Traviata regardless of the nobility came back. The little boy did not understand, how he was rejected again. When I saw the La Traviata coming back to her original aristocratic gentleman, I despised her very much, and I love and hate her. Fortunately, the persistence of love let the little boy finally keep the clouds open see —— when found that La Traviata and the little boy is a couple of real mandarin ducks, the wise noble gentleman to their own this incoherent emotion made a break.

The little boy who got his wish began to look forward to the future, see La Traviata in poor health, to invite La Traviata to live in the countryside for a period of time, but has been short of money, he has not inherit the age of the ancestral industry. Later they rely on the rest of the La traviata spent a good day in the countryside, and agreed on life. The little boy decided to go home to fight for his ancestral career to plan their common future.

Shortly after leaving, the boy’s father found La Traviata and tried to get her out of the relationship. La Traviata rejected all the compensation from his father and the future living allowance for the boy’s alleged future and his life, promising not to meet again and creating the illusion of abandoning the boy back to the aristocracy. No one knows what the consequences she will have?

The world is very big, the aristocratic circle is very small, in a later club party, the little boy and La Traviata met unexpectedly, the little boy around the aristocratic gentleman resentment finally broke out, determined to launch a duel, to vent the La Traviata farewell shame. A duel down two defeats, the noble gentleman injured by the gun left the La Traviata forever, and the little boy to escape arrest also went to the places, for this increasingly sickly La Traviata, also refused all dates, by auction valuables to live.

A day later, the little boy came back, and he learned with his friends about the La Traviata. A friend went to visit the La Traviata and to help, but saw some past people abandon friends in danger, to the seriously ill La Traviata while the fire, just help a little money in its eyes immediately was scraped out. The little boy finally appears beside La Traviata after learning the truth that she has left him.

The return of the little boy makes the critically ailing La Traviata heart suddenly lit up the hope of the new life, excited unexpectedly to sit up, want to appear in front of the favorite person with the best makeup. When sitting up like a person, she almost exhausted her only breath. The little boy saw this, is very guilty and sad, decided to take the dying La Traviata back to the countryside for treatment, never separated. When the La Traviata asked the maid to be ready to pack the luggage, weak has not afford excited La Traviata, actually fell in the little boy’s arms.

Thought it was a good beginning, did not expect it was a sad parting.

How do I evaluate this dusty woman? Say camtraviata this capitalist society life is good, but a social flower, in money first, life erosion, biased capital society, can be selfless, with a pure love and noble and do not let the secular pollution, it undoubtedly let a person feel a real beauty of human nature.

The more noble and miserable the emotion, perhaps the more people cherish. Can feel the inner sadness of the little boy! It is really a tragedy.

What is the tragedy? Tragedy is destroying the best things in the world.

The characters in the play are like “gold clothes” ” persuade the gentleman not cherish gold clothes, persuade the gentleman to cherish the youth. There are flowers can fold straight must fold, do not wait for no flowers empty fold branches ” miss, perhaps is, heaven a day, the world for thousands of years!


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