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“Grand dictator” ” The Great Dictator,(13th Best Film, etc., no years, should be in 1940)

This should be the story between the tyranny under Hitler in Germany and the Jews during World War II.

A Jew, an artillery soldier in World War I, fought hand to hand in a battle, lost his way by the fog without knowing it, and at close view, he was found to be an enemy.In the chase, he narrowly escaped running to his own camp, when a wounded pilot commander was needing his help.As the pursuers arrived, they helped to launch the plane together, and on flying to the station, it fell down because of its lack of oil.He was taken to the hospital, but lost his memory of not knowing where his home was, and he has lived in the hospital for years.

Much has changed in the country over the years, especially after Hitler came to power.The government summarizes and denies the values of freedom, democracy and equality, and believes that they can not make the people progress or bring development to the society.For this reason, they also promoted the movement to despise the Jews, not to give them the opportunity to develop, to rob them if profitable, and despised what they did.His home town is a Jewish residence, which is being sacked by the police and the garrison, and any Jews can be bullied without dignity or human rights.

One day, the artillery suddenly walked home by himself. When wiping off the slogan in front of his door, he was caught and knocked, and tore each other to the neighbors downstairs. She happened to be seen by the girl upstairs. She picked up the wok and hit the two officers and men to knock them unconscious.The girl saw this as the beginning of their two cooperation against tyranny,

The firm will of the two sides against tyranny made the two good friends in the future.The beaten officers and soldiers came to lay siege to the sense of resistance, just to be seen by a jeep general, when he saw that the besieged was their own savior on the past battlefield, immediately called him to let go, and told them to take good care of him from now on.In these later days, with the German officers living themselves as a ghetto, the old artillery reorganized their old business, opened their barbershop, and captured the love of the girl living next door.Everything is peaceful, life is so wonderful, full of expectations.

But the good times did not last long. The general, who took care of them, was imprisoned by Hitler for being dissatisfied with Hitler’s tyranny.He he escaped again and hid in their ghetto.During his days of hiding in the basement, the general prepared to organize the Jewish residents to murder Hitler. To the regret, the Jewish sense of resistance was not strong at all, weak and protected, and no one was willing to join the action.Later the two were captured simultaneously as the artillery helped the general escape.Disaster soon returned upon the residents of the ghetto.They were all driven out of the house, and the neighbour girl had to follow the masters to Austria, and in the meantime wrote to the cell, telling the old artillery where they were.

At this time, Hitler was instigated by his staff to ignite and expand his ambitions to conquer the world like Julius Caesar in ancient Rome, and the first goal was Australia.In the preparation of the plan, the Italian army was now stationed on the Austrian border.To be the first to influence the world and shoot the first shot to conquer the world, Hitler wanted Italy to retreat and invited the Italian head of state to visit Germany.In the end, when the organs were exhausted, it finally reached an agreement that could let Germany achieve its own purpose by playing with words, and the Italian head of state naturally did not know its attempt.

At the time that Germany was ready to march into Austria, the artillery, along with the imprisoned generals, knocked down the two officers and men and put on their uniforms from the prison.They took the road, but the pursuers searched the remote and the path lake. The pursuers mistakenly caught a small soldier who fell into the water in the lake as a fugitive. The man caught was actually Hitler, because the artillery was too like Hitler.The two men who escaped received friendly signs from the roadside soldiers, and others knew the general. They paid tribute from many officers and soldiers all the way. Some people saw Hitler, they thought the head walked with the general and all saluted them.Some people are thinking, was the general acquitted?They walked all the way to the popular place, some people thought that Hitler came, called the leadership car, put them into a sea of people square, to the position leading to the rostrum.It turned out that this is a standing mobilization meeting, officers and soldiers gathered here, is ready to listen to the head of state Hitler’s speech.

The old artillery along the way scared, on the rostrum is more scared meng.The general hinted that he was calm, indicating that they could escape for all his performance.Some officials muttered, how does today’s head of state look timid?At this time, after the host said that, please ask the head of state to speak in front of the microphone.At this time, it may also be the dead pig is not afraid of boiling water, the dead horse should also be regarded as a living horse doctor, may also be these years of repression, oppression, discrimination can be extended here, or may be usually feel the voice of justice too need an opportunity to express, he immediately cheer up.He began with the tone of Sitler he had heard on the radio on the road: ” I’m sorry, I don’t want to be emperor, it’s not my business, I don’t want to rule or occupy anyone.Just want to do what I can to help anyone, Jewish, non-Jewish, black, white.People want to help each other to human nature……Everyone in this world, the earth is rich to feed everyone, life is free and beautiful, but we are lost, greed poisons the human soul, hatred divides the world, and manipulate us to fall into the trap of sorrow and blood.The development of science and technology makes us more closed, producing rich machines, but also makes us feel more regrettable, our knowledge makes us cynical, our wisdom is cruel and ruthless, we think too much but forget the feelings and feelings.What we need more than machines, more than wisdom is compassion and warmth. Without this, life will become brutal and everything will be lost.Aircraft and radios bring us closer, and these inventions lead to human goodwill to unite people.At this moment, thousands of people in the world hear my voice, thousands of desperate men, women, old and young, the victims of institutional torture are innocently persecuted.All these people who can hear me on the radio, please don’t despair.These drops

The suffering is just excessive greed, and a few panic of the way of human progress.The age will pass, the dictators will die, and the rights they take from the people will return to them.Man will die and his freedom never disappears.Soldiers, never over yourself to these beasts, who manipulate you and make you cannon fodder as to cattle.Don’t give yourself to these inhuman people, they are robots, you are people, your hearts are full of human love, do not hate, only are not loved and inhuman people have hate.Soldiers do not live for slavery, to fight for freedom.In the Bible, St.Louis XVII says, “The Kingdom of God is in your heart,” not of a person or a group of people but of all of you.You have the ability to make life free and happy, and to make life a happy experience.Then, in the name of democracy, let us unite with this force to fight for a new world.A decent world where everyone has a job, it will give young people the future and the elderly to enjoy their old age.But, you know, tyrants gain rights by these promises, but they are deceiving and never come true.The dictators enslaved the people with their privileges, and now let us fight to fulfill these promises.Let us liberate the world with our struggle and make the world in common!Eliminate greed, hatred and heart stenosis, let us fight for a rational world, a world of scientific progress and leads us to happiness.Soldiers, in the name of democracy, let us unite!”

With this sentence, all the soldiers at the scene were all boiling.His humanitarian, anti-war and anti-discrimination speeches guiding soldiers to fight for justice were broadcast throughout Germany and Austria on the radio, and the people had an infinite yearning and longing for peace.After the speech, he mentioned his girlfriend’s name to himself and passed out faintly through the microphone.He gently asked her, if she had heard it?Said, ” We are moving from darkness to light, we are towards a new world, a benevolent world where people transcend their greed, hatred and their brutality.You look up, the human soul has wings, and he will eventually spread his wings, to the rainbow, to the light of hope, to me, to all of us.You look up, you look up.The words surprised my girlfriend, who listened to the radio under the big tree, and seemed convinced and uncertain that the speaker should be artillery, not Hitler.

People’s dream thoughts continue, but the movie is over.

The film was supposed to be made in 1939-1940, during World War II, and the director wanted to dramthe tragedy to remind Hitler what the head of people should be like, and want Hitler to be wary of the expansion of his ambitions.And told Hitler that the people of the world yearn for peace and do not need a conqueror!

大独裁者 The Great Dictator



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