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“Henry V”, ” Henry V“(19th Best Film nomination, 1944).

Given that the lines in the film are so wonderful to appreciate, they are mostly directly quoted and marked with colons.

The film records the chronicle of Henry V by Shakespeare at the battlefield of Aggie in France.Duke Chamberlain performed at the Earth Theatre, May 1,1600.The announcer said that the small theater cannot bring great war scenes, but just expand your imagination.

The story begins with the first scene of the King Enjoy the Palace Ann proposal.England was facing the unprecedented trouble of the unfair agreement and the bishops met to propose a protest to the King to abandon the church funds supplied to France, instead of special money to France.They feared whether such advice the king would adopt.A bishop said, ” The King is full of noble and fair faith, but his world is amusement, his companions are shallow and ignorant, his time is filled with feasts, fun, sports, never with learning.”Another bishop said,” He inherited his father’s habits.”The Bishop added,” But introspection was like an angel to remove his indulgence, and suddenly the king woke awakened.The present king is no different.”He added:” The king has accepted the advice, but has not had time to consider it.”Again,” I mentioned to the king the glorious achievements of his ancestors, and his army could have certain titles to be crowned and direct France, as did his great-grandfather Edward.”The French envoy came to England.Before seeing the envoy, the King of England asked the Archbishop several questions.Why should Britain challenge the French decree?I ask you in the name of God, why do you cause these provocations and war?The Archbishop said: Serving your life loyalty to England is not contrary to your demands for France.The French decree stipulates that women can not inherit the land, which is unfair, and the French ancestors had several mistresses.When several ministers came out to speak, they all took the achievements of the ancestors to inspire the king to have the will against France.Then a minister said that the English king never had the heart of submission, that his men were in England, and that his heart was on the French battlefield.The bishop looked at the king patting the minister on the shoulder and continued, let their body and mind follow your Highness, and win your right with blood with sword and fire.We clergy will provide huge support, something your ancestors never had.At this the king had an idea in mind, and ordered the French envoys to be brought over.

The beginning of the envoy was full of sarcasm, saying that your Majesty went to France to claim a duke, comparing the authority of his great-grandfather III, so that our prince advised you to use merit.So he gave him the French gifts.Opening the gift is a basket of tennis, ridicule the king of England for having fun and fun.The King smiled and said, ” Thank you to the French Prince, but when we play in the first leg, we will knock his father’s crown to the ground in France with God’s will.Tell him better with me, the English hand will run after him, we know his loose days.Tell you the prince that we will keep our taste as great as a king.When we demonstrate in noble France, your ridicule will turn tennis into guns.Tell your prince that his joke is a frivolous move, and when thousands cry, far more than teasing.”

After the departure of the French messenger, the English king said he was ready to war, to make the French prince ashamed to die, and let the prince fall at the foot of his father.Then the announcer came up to explain: ” Now the British young people are burning, taking off the silk in their uniforms, everyone is full of sense of honor, they sold farmland to buy horses and follow Christ King, like the British God of War, the air is full of hope.The sword of the nobles, the masses of the kingdom, the people of emigration, became his followers.”Ordinary people will unify their sword to France. Everyone abandon personal hatred and leave their energy to fight France.The king began to enter a state of war, preparing to depart from London across the ocean to South Cape Town into gentle Paris.Mercy was necessary in the face of the army with some slightly negligent men, and every force was now precious.The king gave orders to proceed, saying to give the sinner to the hand of God, and the moment of war came, and if not the king of France, there would be no King of England.The British expedition shocked France.Ignorant diplomacy has completely changed the British purpose.The old king of France called the minister to war to defend the cities on the front.The Prince said we could of course fight them, let them to the front and then no longer hear of the British bravery.And the old king said, humiliation may begin from now on, this is a battle, will face fear stronger than strength.

At this time, the English messenger arrived.The French prince was still fighting the enemy, asking the king to be strong against the Englishman, and saying to let them see what a king was.Also said that love yourself is not a serious sin, better than giving up yourself.The English envoy said to the King of France, ” In the name of God, ask your Majesty to abdicate the honor borrowed by God, from the man and the country to the throne he should have, and after the crown.Please see the imperial edict if you like to.You will find that the King of England inherits the qualities of his most famous ancestor, Edward III, who will strip away your crown and kingdom, and ask you to kneel directly to him.He was a natural real challenger.”The King of France asked timidly, what if not?The British messenger said, ” Blood is a river.If you hide the crown in your heart, he will uncover it, after he will be angry, lightning like an earthquake.If his request were refused, he would be so.This was his announcement, and I was arraigned only.If you princes are here, I will greet them myself.”The Prince of France heard, went aside and said I was waiting for him, what has he brought from England?The messenger said, your ridicule and insult.You angered God, and for this mistake he asked him to ask God to punish you.I said so.Your ridicule to your Majesty will become your pain.He will shake your royal palace.”The old King heard this and said reply to-morrow.But the messenger said, at the speed of the king, the king will come to question you personally before dark.The old King fainted.

The British army was organising an attack and the British king, in command of a wonderful pre-war mobilization, said, ” In peace, male virtues were modesty, calm and compassion.But after the war began, we should learn the tiger, tight muscles, full of blood, heart full of anger, eyes full of terror, eyes to the enemy like guns, let the eyebrow stand like a stone, destroy the base established by the enemy and make it wilderness ruins.Now please bite your teeth, nostrils open, breathe in, spit out courage, high spirit.Your ancestors and fathers of noble blood, have conquered the vast land.Now France is arguing with us, it is the glory of our motherland.When you come to witness the strength of the motherland again, let the people full of blood teach France what is war, your excellent people born in England, let us see your valor, let our compatriots see you, you are worth raising!I do not doubt that you have no timid eyes, I see you like a hound, are waiting outside the fence to get food.With your spirit, led by God, England will conquer it.”

Soon the British army conquered one castle, and another castle had no resistance to open its visitors, only for the British mercy not to harm the citizens and rob.The French king sent troops to meet the enemy, and the prince did not go to battle.They also sent messengers to attempt to persuade the British troops to leave.The messenger came to the King of England and said, ” We will resist you to the death, and now we are ready to charge you in the voice of the emperor.England should now repent, and know its weakness at my arms.Ask England now to consider the ransom, should be more than we lose, our insult is extremely disgraceful, our loss will be paid in exchange by your treasury, and the blood we shed will be repaid by his kingdom.This is not glorious, he himself will kneel before us and beg helplessly.This was the final negotiation, and his charge was of sending the nation to hell.That’s what my king said, I speak for it “.The King of England looked at the powerful messenger and continued, ” Go back and tell you that I cannot see him now, but may come uninvited.My army was tired and wounded men, and scarce.Go and tell your master that I am here.Your ransom is only my priceless body.God is before you, telling them that France will not block the way, and that if we move forward, we will fill your land with your blood.Go and tell your king that we will not attack now is not that we are unable to attack!”

After the messenger left, the British army was stationed across the river from the French army, and all armies could hear the other and see the other’s face.The French princes were also in the army, who seemed to be contempt for the British army, and the prince said to the subordinates that to-morrow I will take the British king first, who will bet with me.He said the late of night and ignored the prince, for no one knows what tomorrow would be.Some muttered that the prince seemed to be expecting dawn, and they expected it never.They felt that the island nation of Britain could raise brave animals, and that their soldiers should have unusual courage.Some say that Britain is stupid brave, rushing at the mouth of a Russian bear, the head will be bitten like an apple.Some also say that Britain now lacks beef and should not fight.

On the side of the British army, the king inspected the camp, several soldiers waiting before the bonfire, one said, the dawn is better not to rush to appear, because we may see that the sunrise will not see the sunset.They were then joined by the king, but they did not know the king, thinking that he was only a little command.They asked the king, how do you see our situation?The king said that even with the man stranded on the sand, the next tide would be washed away.They asked if this was the King’s words?The king said, ” It is not that he should not say so, but that I think the king is a man like me, and he feels the same as me.After the coronation, his body was only a man, and therefore he had as much reason to fear as we did.If no one in the army found him showing fear, it was because he was afraid of affecting morale.”One soldier said that the courage he showed made me feel cold inside, he only wanted to finish the battle, he wanted everyone to open the way and adventure for him, and he was ready to escape.After listening, the king said, ” I speak for the king with conscience, and I think he will not flee the battlefield.”A soldier said, how can the king do as a man?But he used his life for ransom, and defeated him, he will be killed.The king said, ” The king’s companions will not die for ransom.The king hosted the Battle of Justice, which was an honor to those involved in the war.”One soldier said, we know, we have to pay more for it.We know that we are subjects of kings, and that we should obey them, but if it is in the wrong name, it will be sin.Another soldier said that if the name was bad, the king himself took responsibility, because the numerous legs, wrists, and heads were cut down in the war.I do not understand how the battlefield could bring mercy in the name of justice, bloody, and if these men had not gone voluntarily, the king who brought him to war would have a felony.Then the king retorted, ” If a son is sent by his father to a merchant ship and dies at sea, in your judgment, it is his father’s fault?That isn’t that, right?So the king does not have to be responsible for the death of his soldiers, whose purpose is not death, the obligation of each subject is the king, but the soul of each subject is his own.”It seems to say that war is a righteous act, everyone’s participation is for moral, this should be everyone due consciousness, such war is not for the king someone, and everyone should have the ability to win and morale, of course, there will be unfortunate sacrifice, but the king need not be responsible for everyone’s death, only for the war is justice, soldiers in fighting at the same time, should pay attention to protect themselves.One soldier said, indeed, that grasping life and death was in their own hands, and the king need not be responsible.Another soldier said that he didn’t have to be responsible and that he was the leader, and I decided to fight for him.The king went on, ” I heard the king say that he will not be a ransom.”A soldier said, hear him say that we are interested in fighting.But when we died, he might be a ransom, and then we had no way.The king said, ” I never believe what he said.”A soldier said, this is really a joke, you a little soldier also dare to fight against the monarch?

This dialogue aroused the king’s meditation: ” What is the king’s responsibility?Why add our lives, our souls, our debts, our wives, our children, and our sin to the king.The people are responsible to the king, why they must we abandon the laughter of the common people.What does the king have?It’s etiquette.What is etiquette?Is suffering from the mortal pain.What is the drink that replaces arol wine?Is the venom……”The King of England returned to camp and everyone was reading the Bible.He also knelt on his earth and prayed to heaven: ” Heavenly God, firm the hearts of the soldiers, remove their fears, and bring them firmness.Bring my request to them, now I go to the army, today, my friend and everything please leave for me.”

When dawn made the armor golden, the French army was ready to go, someone rashly said, ” We are the wind, fire, God helps us.See, the appearance of the brave, and our heroic blood will fear the English eyes, who will be defeated in the French land.”The British were also ready, and they estimated that the enemy was five times more and in good spirits.The conditions were quite unfavorable to the British army.Then an officer said, May God bless.If we can’t meet again until we enter heaven, then be happy.The king of England came to the face of fear and said, ” Fear can leave, without fear we stay to fight.Today is the Guardian of Peace Day, and the survivors returned today, will name the guardian; the person left today, the neighbor in old age, he will show pride, and some may forget everything, the painful story of King Henry’s battle, will always be remembered.This will be a good story for good people to teach their son, and the Day of Peace will continue forever from today to the end of the world.Participating will always remember it, although a minority, but a happy minority!Those who bleed with me from today will be my brother and will always be.The gentlemen of England, will regret their absence here to-day, and will be a portrait of the guardian when we hear us speak of it afterwards.”These words are very encouraging, and people feel high.

At this time, the French army went to war.A French emissary rode over on behalf of the army commander and asked the English king if the ransom could be handed over before the victory was decided.The King of England said, ” Go to check my previous reply.I asked him to kill me first before selling my bones.My God, why do they laugh at us so much.Know that people who had wanted to sell lion skins were killed while hunting.Many of us will no doubt be buried in the graves of our old country, but I am sure more will be witnesses to today’s record.Those who leave the bones in France will have a reputation, the sun shining on their bones will bring this honor into heaven, the land they fall will complain of your crimes, the stench of corruption will plague France.Tell you my proud commander, we are warriors of the day.Our glory will be conducted on the bitter lands in the rain.The moment of war make us struggle, the anger in our hearts will flourish today.No longer come here for ransom, you will pay the price and go back and tell you your commander.”

The negotiations were completed, and the battle began.The two sides waited for the drums.At the beginning, the British army was blocked for a while by a French locust, and after readjustment, they attacked quickly and broke the French army one by one.The King of England issued a order to capture the French prince.The French prince fled with a few followers to a hill and looked back at the pursuers, ” What a shame, see what we have done, is this the king we laughed at?Is this the king that we ask for a ransom for?Shame, eternal shame, only shame.We go back to the dead.”Then a follower said, we have not yet been completely destroyed, let them fight!The other said, I will command, life is short, but not humiliating.Several of them ran to the British camp and set fire, not even the children, which was against military law at the time.

The British were sad to return to camp, and the British king said to the sad sergeant, ” I have never been angry since I came to France.Then he drew his knife and crossed the horse and rushed to the French position alone.The French prince saw it and met it one on a one hit, and in a few rounds the British king picked it under him, killing the prince of France’s life.The British who followed them up.On returning to his position, the British king said that now that the French army had no morale, the soldiers returned to the front line to eliminate them.

Perhaps France was frightened by the war and had no courage to fight again.The French messenger came trembling, and the English king looked at them coming, feeling their eyes more modest than before.The messenger said, great king, I will pray for mercy, and we cannot win this bloody battlefield, demanding that the dead be brought back and buried.Today is yours.The King of England said, God helps me, not our power.Again, what is the name of the castle, replied that it was Agee Palace.The king said that that called this battlefield Geely Palace battlefield, today is the guardian’s day.According to statistics, the British army killed only a few hundred people, but the French army killed tens of thousands of people.It’s a god!The King of England declared, ” Sing Holy Day, bury the victims, enter the palace, return to England, we triumph by France, and the war is over.”

In England, a captain who left the field, as the English King said, was ridiculed by the neighbors on Guardian Day of Peace.The Captain mocked himself, saying that fate was playing with me, but the new survival was another death.

The French palace dressed up to welcome their enemy —— King, where they were to sign a post-war agreement.The British King said that peace is the purpose of this meeting.After the two sides greeted each other, the French Princess said, ” Britain, the state of brothers, may be happy forever.We are very happy to be before you on this wonderful day and at this precious meeting.Your eyes, you were born to deter the French on the battlefield, this sharp eyes we hope it can be softer.Today, make all the sadness and disputes into love.”The King of England went on to say that we came here for this purpose.At this time, the representatives of the two sides and the proposed Parliament said, ” My obligations to the two countries are the same, and may my administration serve you.Why can’t the earth live along in peace?The mother of the earth was born with rich art and joy, and do not let the best garden in the world, the fertile France have another chaotic war.France has been banished, everything is itself, and hearts need comfort.Now the fields, farmland are full of weeds like wasteland, the farm lost anger, the earth is full of barren scene, because of unintentional, nothing growth, only hatred, darkness, loss of beauty and peace.The same is true of families. We and our children, who have lost the national symbol of civilization that we have learned, grow like barbarians.The will of our soldiers, also just follow the bleeding, sweat, vacant look at the castle.Everything seems to be unnatural, and your peaceful union today can change all this.”The King of England went on, then you must strive to make peace perfectly to the demands of our justice.After that, everyone left the hall and walked to the meeting room to discuss the peace agreement.

The King of England demanded that leaving his cousin, the daughter of the King of France, should face her alone.He seemed to see his cousin, intending to take her as his wife.He focused on his cousin and said to her, ” Would you like a soldier to convey love to Miss Miss’s ears in her gentle heart?”Said my cousin, sorry, I can’t speak English.The king said, ” If you would love me with France, I will be glad to hear you speak incomplete English.Do you like me?”My cousin said as she guessed what he said, you seem to say you like me.The king smiled and said, ” Angel is like you, you are like an angel.I don’t express love, but to put it bluntly, I love you.”Again,” You should find someone who is honest rather than just rhetoric.Love song is eternal, the straight back will bend, the black beard will become white, the beauty’s face will age, but the honest heart is the persistence of the sun and the moon.If there is such man in the world, marry me.Choose me, is a soldier, choose a soldier, is a king.”My cousin said, a little hesitating, may I go to love the enemy of France?The king said, ” No, Love me is a friend who loves France.I love France so much that I will never rival it.When France is mine, I am yours, you are France, and you are mine.I swear, my love is true.Please give up the maiden shyness, speak in your heart as empress, hold my hand and say Henry of England, I will!”Then my cousin said, I would ask my father about this.The King of England said that he would agree.My cousin said, then I promised.He kissed his cousin’s hand, who was so startled to jump away that she could not be allowed before marriage.The king took her hand and said, ” You and I cannot be limited to the customs of the country, we are the makers of etiquette.”In front of the strong king gas, my cousin is only obedient.When they were kissing, the people who finished the meeting came over. Someone joked and asked: Is this teaching princess English?Everyone burst into laughter, and the king said, ” I will teach her how I can love her.This is the best of English available.”And asked the king of France, can I marry her?The king of France walked by and said: Take her, a good son-in-law.Take the hands of the two young people together and say, ” Let the competing kingdom, France and Britain and the similar land, end it with happiness.Stop our hatred, France and Britain never bleed.”Finally, they had their wedding on the same day.An era of peace finally came with conquest and marriage!

The theater cottage, witnessed how the great figures were shaped.The announcer finally said that the story of King Henry, for only a short time, but in a short time, the brightest king of Britain turned his sword into glory.

What is the prodigal son back gold, what is the conqueror, what is the gas of the king.After watching this movie, you will feel it deeply!

亨利五世 Henry V



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