Tear of Motherhood – Movie Review


Tear of Motherhood (Small Towns),(15th Oscar Best Picture Nomination ,1942) This is the story of Rochester, a small town in the United States. In the film,

see what is a gentleman man, and what is extraordinary wisdom, courage and courage. In the United States, a person to the top, there must be his superior. In other words, a sensible, intelligent, courageous, courageous gentleman, a man of the highest stature, must be able to stand out and walk to the top of power.

It must be mentioned that in this story, if the client does not have a shot in hand and like-minded helper, heroic action can not be created. Perhaps the United States has been opposed to gun control, which is one reason: when the government and society are dark and corrupt, people can also use guns and force to solve the problem of injustice.

America’s guns are not abused, depending on social justice, the quality and rationality of the residents.



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