The Joy Luck Club – If Suyuan were not dead


If Suyuan were not dead and she were back to China to meet her twin daughters, what would she say to them and how would the twin daughters respond? Use your imagination and write a conversation between the four women, Suyuan, Jing-Mei and the twin sisters.

Main Characters

Suyuan Woo

The mother, founger of the Joy Luck Club, was forced to abandon her twin daughters in the war, remarried, went to America and died with regret.

Jing-Mei “June” Woo

Daughter of Suyuan Woo, born in America, has never fully understood her mother and seems directionless in life.

The Twin Sisters

Daughters of Suyuan Woo, abandoned in China

Excellent Works

The Reunion

Rainy Niu 牛新雨

Suyuan and Jing-Mei arrived at the airpot, looked around to look for their families, which they hadn’t seen in decades. Because of something like the intuition, even the people in the airpot were crowded and everywhere, they could still find the familiar faces, which they had never seen them before but were still familiar.

The twins seemed to have found Suyuan and Jing-Mei, and turned their line of version to their families. They had the same faces with Suyuan, not the shape, but the spirit. Two real Chinese spirit, like their mother, Jing-Mei thought, the spirit she was eager to have.

“Chwun Yu! Chwun Hua!” Suyuan ran to her two daughters, shouted, without controlling her excited voice.

Jing-Mei didn’t run so fast, she just followed her mother, with smile on her face. She could clearly see the tears running out from her sisters’ eyes.

“It’s my fault to have abandoned you, I should never left you alone,” Suyuan cried, “ I don’t deserve your forgiveness since it’s all my fault, my weakness.”

“We never tried to hate you, Ma“, said Chwun Yu.

“Now, we lived very well, it’s not your fault, Ma”, added Chwun Hwa, “You just made the best choice at that time.”

“Oh, my dear daughters, I feel guilty every time I think about you, I have been looking for you since I lost you, now, thanks to the gods, I find you.” said Suyuan, having a big hug with her daughters.

“And you must be Jing-Mei.” Chwun Yu turned around, looked at Jing-Mei.

“Um…yes,” Jing-Mei surprised a little bit, answered, “Nice to meet you, Chwun Yu, Chwun Hwa.”

They are my sisters, my Chinese sisters, Jing-Mei thought. She didn’t know what to say to them, should she shake hands with them, or hug?Jing-Mei was not sure how to communicate with Chinese she had never met, even if they were her real sister. The difference between to cultures made Jing-Mei felt a little bit nervous.

A big hug removes Jing-Mei’s nervousness, she could feel the warm temperature from her Chinese sisters. Is this a kind of Chinese politeness? It didn’t matter, since the hug was so warm, so sweet. This must be the love from families, Jing-Mei said to herself.

“Why not find a quiet place to have a seat? I have so much to tell you.”

This will not be end of the story, they still have so much to tell, about their families, about their friends, about the Joy Luck club.

The Reunion

Colin Wang 王子睿

[Narrator: Jingmei Woo]
After arriving at the airport, my mom became so excited and anxious that she could not help looking around and shouting, “Chun Yu, Chun Hua, where are you? We are coming back!” As we were walking through the terminal buildings one by one, my mom suddenly stopped and began to stare at two young women with the same anxious expressions and same looks. Finally, they saw each other, and without yelling and screaming, they just walked closer to each other, hugging for a long time. Tears flowed from their eyes, and they kept silent for another while, as if they were trying to find the connections between their hearts. Dozens of years of separation never broke down the family ties; instead, it formed a belief that they will finally find their real family.
“We know you, and we know you will come back.” said Chunhua. She bent her head down into my mother’s open arms, crying quietly.
“The only thing we remember is that a kind-hearted couple adopted us not long after you went away, with almost all remaining treasures and a photo of you and our father attached to a letter. Thus we know you never forget us.” said Chunyu.
I stood behind them, looking how similar they look alike.
“We have the same blood flowing under our skin, because you came from my body. You are part of my entire life… How can I abandon my own daughters?” my mother whispered towards them, touching their heads.
“They believed that you would come back to find us, and they treated me like treating their own children, only because they thought we were twins and lucky to have a mother like you, and we just waited to long to see such a familiar face” Chunhua murmured.
They hugged more and more closer, as if they are aching for being together from that moment. As time went by, they gradually stopped crying, and my mother sighed, “After all, it was so happy to see you again, without scars and fears.”
“Why are you still waiting? They are your sisters, ‘qin’ sisters.” My mother turned round, changing her look in such a quick way.
I became a little shy, walking towards them tentatively, doubting whether it was a dream or not. I shook their hands and said, “Long time no see, my ‘qin’ sisters.” I felt that their hands were trembling; I felt that they had the same heartbeat with me; I felt that they were thinking of something, something that awoke me up from years of memories.
No hard feeling, though, both of us smiled, without omen.
“Now I see the whole family, the integrated family that includes so much joy and luck.” my mother said, holding back her tears.
“That’s why we have the joy luck club, because the joy and luck will finally come into every family.” I explained.

The Reunion by Bill Wang 王乐鲲
“It’s mom!” as soon as mom and I got into the airport building, we heard the shaking but exciting voice from the crowd–they are my sisters, and they are the people that mom used to dream about a thousand times with her anxiety and suffering in her mind. at that time, I knew that all of them were crying.
My mom was too shocked to say a word, she just held my hand and stepped forward anxiously to my sister–her children–with her tear coming out unstoppablely .
“thanks to God, we find you, my sisters! I am Jing-Mei.” I greeted them and we all hugged together.
“hi JingMei, hi mom.”they said.
“my dear kids, do you know how the regret and the bitter of missing had tangled me these years! I couldn’t imagine how my dream would come true and we four as a family could see each other again!” my mom said, crying.
“Yes, mom, we know, we know. there is nothing to regret, we could all understand you. all in all, we survived and met you. that’s enough! So now you don’t have to have that trouble and our dream came true, too! thanks to God. And it is so good that we could see our sister!”
“yeah, when I heared this news, I couldn’t believe in myself, either. ” I replied.
“it’s so lucky to see you grow up to healthy, beautiful girls! I am so sorry for my action, but you know that I have no choice……at that time…….life used to be so hard….how foolish and lucky I am……” the regret and the happiness in mom’s mind rushed out with shaking words and tears.
“we know, we know….” we comforted mom, keeping together with a tight embrace in the middle of the crowd.
“promise me, we would never depart from each other again!” i said.
“I’d rather believe that we were never ever departed…..” my mom said to herself with a low, praying voice.
At that time, I believe that we all have the same destiny and blood in our soul. and it is the blood, the lineage, that bring us close together, keeping us indivisible wherever we are and wherever we will be.

The Reunion

Judy Fu 付佳颖

[Suyuan and Jing-Mei go off the airplane, and the twin sisters are waiting for them. Suyuan walks quickly with an anxious look. Finally, we see the twin sisters peeping towards us. They compared us with the people in pictures in their hands, and seem to be very excited.]
Wang Chwun Yu [running toward Suyuan and hugging her]: Mom, I miss you so much. You finally come here to see us.
Wang Chwun Hua [running towards Suyuan quietly, with tear falling off]
Suyuan [hugging two daughters and wiping the tears]: Thanks god for letting me see both of you again. The most regrettable thing I do through my entire life is to abandon you two — my dearest daughters! Please forgive me, I truly didn’t want to abandon you……
Wang Chwun Hua [interrupting Suyuan]: We know! You can’t forget us. Otherwise you would not leave money and a photo to us. The couple who adopted us treated us very well, and they believed you would come and find us too. Now we can certainly understand your difficulties in that war time to raise two babies. In any case we met each other again!
Wang Chwun Yu [hugging Jing-Mei in excitement]: You must be Jing-Mei! Little sister has grown up! What a big fortune for us to see you again! How’s going?
Jing-Mei [hugging the twin sisters and smiling]: Pretty good. I have been looking forward to seeing you — my sisters — for a long time. I am sure that I have two sisters now! How lucky I am! You must miss mother so much since I have seen her missing you for so many times.
Wang Chwun Hua [smiling]: Certainly. We are true families. And we wouldn’t leave others any more!
[Four people are walking and talking]
Wang Chwun Yu [walking with Suyuan and asking]: Mom, what did you do after arriving in Chongqing? We are looking forward to hearing your experience those years!
Suyuan [getting into memory]: After that? After that, I set up a club called “The Joy Luck Club”. How I wanted joy and good luck to have a better life, to find you back at that time. And all of us believed that no matter how hard life was, everyone would get the joy and luck belongs to their own lives. Just like myself at present.

The Reunion

Wizard Liu 刘子牧

Suyuan and Jing-Mei met Wang chwun Yun and Wang Chwun Hwa in the airport.
Suyuan saw her two daughters far away from where Suyuan stood, even though they hadn’t met each other since Suyuan left them on the way to Chongqing. The reason might be Suyuan’s daughters took after Suyuan very much.
They hugged each other excitedly when they met each other.
Suyuan cried, “Oh, my dears. I saw you far away from here. I’m almost dying for missing you. I can’t believe I can see you alive before I die.”
Wang Chwun Yu and Wang Chwun Hwa also cried, “We miss you much all the time, too. My mom. We always wish we can find you. God bless us, our dream come true now. ”
Jing-Mei cried with her mom and her sisters, “Our mother did not tell me and my father that I had a couple of twin sisters in China and she just kept looking for you these years. After she told us your stories, we were quite moved and we decided to meet you in China together. I very happy to see you, my sisters. I’m Jing-Mei.”
Wang Chwun Hwa said, “Nice to meet you my dear sister. I’m Wang Chwun Hwa and she is Wang Chwun Yu.”
Jing-Mei said, “Let’s go to our hotel now. We can talk to each other on the way to the hotel.”

On the way to the hotel.
Suyuan said, “How are you these days when I was not with you?”
Wang Chwun Yu answered, “I have told you that our new parents Mei Ching and Mei Hanare were very kind and understanding, they loved us very much and took good care of us every day when we were young…”

The Reunion

Richard Tan 谭正

“That’s our mother!” With a scream in excitement, my mother and I saw the twins who are shouting with a quivery voice.
“Time goes fast; my two daughters have changed a lot since I abandoned them…” said mother. I had a glimpse at her, seeing several tears flashing in her eyes. “Yeah,” I responded, “This touch feeling will always appear after separating for such a long time.”
It’s not hard to imagine that there was a mixed-feeling in my mother’s mind. More specifically, she was too moved to say even one word. She ran to my twins, her daughters, two relatives that she hadn’t seen for six years, as fast as she could. She gave each of them a huge hug.
“So good to see you, mom!” said the twins. “So do I…” answered mother. I could feel that she was trying to avoid crying. “I’m Jing-Mei, my dear twins.” I introduced myself. “You’re the one who lived with mom in America for these years! Nice to see you as well! Since now, we’ve been good sisters!” said my twins in excitement.
“Do you know how much I missed you? I actually couldn’t forgive myself since the day I abandoned you…” when mother said these sentences, I can feel that she was ashamed at that time. “Don’t worry about that! We’ve already forgave you. Or, we never hated you!” said my twins. “We knew the difficulties of you.”
“Really?” Mom said surprisingly. “I always thought you were hated me! There’s nothing better than hearing my daughters have forgave me.”
“However,” I said with a little disappointment, “We’ll be back in America soon, just in few days. Oh, do you want to go with us?” I invited them to totally join my life.
“No, thanks.” They said. “We have been used to the life style in China. It’s too hard for us to change. Well, since we have met each other, we don’t need to stay with each other every single day. As long as we know each other well and care about each other, we’re actually always together!”
“That’s right!” Mom took my place to say what I wanted. Well, I think that’s the reason why The Joy Luck Club should exist. For each family, they are connected with each other; for the Chinese that stays in America, they are also connected by this. As long as we know each other and care about each other, “The Joy Luck Club” is just in the deepest place in our heart.

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