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“Under the Gas Light”, ” Gaslight 》, (Oscar 7 Best Actress, Best Art Direction; nominated for Best Picture.1944)

Paula, strangled and her parents died early, had to be sent to his aunt’s past vocal teacher to study.Over the years, the teacher felt that she was not as dedicated as her aunt, but now she is not dedicated, just did not know that she was in love with the teacher, and her mind was completely not at all.The teacher does not know who she fell in love with, but looking at her face of love, understandsaid to her, then put aside your singing career for the time being, happiness and happiness are far more important than art.In fact, her love is only half a month.

To confirm whether the relationship was love, she wanted to leave her lover for a week.The moment I reached the tourist destination, I met a lover who came to pick her up.There was obviously no time to think about the right emotion, and the two soon talked about marriage and lived together.At picturesque romantic resorts, they talk about their yearning for home.Anton said he hoped to have an apartment beside London Square, even small, as long as he could live with his loved one.

Paula had a legacy of her aunt, because her fear had never returned to the house.She took Anton to visit, feeling less terrible as she imagined, perhaps love gave her courage.In this way, they finished the marriage formalities and went into the house.The past furnishings kept in the interior prevented Paula to get rid of her aunt’s life.Once in Paula’s score on the piano, she found a letter she had previously written to her aunt. When she read the name of the writer, her husband rudgrabbed the letter and stuffed it into his trouser bag.The gaffe move aroused the alarm of being a wife.To blur these impressions, the husband tried to prevaricate with various reasons.The unhappiness led the two to make a decision to remove the old furniture of the old room from the past, and seal the attic for never going in.

The good time lasted for a while, the neighbors knew that they moved in to visit, but the husband refused and told his wife that they just wanted the world to enjoy the two of them.For months, no one visited, and they rarely went out.During this time, Paula seems to have a kind of amnesia, once go out, her husband and mother’s relics jewelry was lost, home do not know where the fruit knife to go, sometimes the home painting disappeared, there are many, her husband said that she did not get, and said she may be sick.Perhaps false to say more will become true, she also thought she was sick.The husband often disappeared to torture her when she was happiest, even cheating on her mother that, after giving birth to her, she died in a mental hospital in order to recognize her own illness as a fait accompli.

Once, when she was a young aunt, she asked their couple to go home to watch a performance.Originally was quit by Anton to visit, but his wife insisted on going.Maybe afraid of his wife missing what information the husband decided to go together.While watching the show, Anton noticed a man who had seen once when they went out for the exhibition. He watched his wife in a daze, but he did not know that the man was a theater fan of his wife’s aunt when he was a child, which attracted his attention because he was too much like her aunt.The man is now sitting behind is intentional, because he worshipped the death, the murderer has not caught, this time to see the female star’s niece returned to the original place has not go out, causing his unknown sense, so very wanted to get close to her to understand what happened.Paula was fascinated by the piano performance, but her husband said that his watch was gone, his wife was very nervous, the husband took his wife’s handbag, there was a watch inside.Sad Paula thought it had been put in, felt really sick, unexpectedly collapsed in full view of the public, went out regardless of the eyes of others.All this was seen by the man sitting behind, speculating that something might have happened to the woman.

The man, a magistrate, using his right over the strip, transferred a single policeman to patrol the house with the purpose of contacting the little servants to spy, and he himself often wandered around the door.Once, he visited with an old lady nearby in the name of a neighbor, but was refused.squatting, he found that the husband went out every night, he and the patrol with the past often track to an intersection with lost.Later they found an empty house there, speculated that he should go there, but felt it unreasonable, around such a large circle to turn to the back door of his home?What is this man going to do?

When her husband goes out to work, a person’s wife at home always thinks that home is haunted. Lock upstairs should be no one. I do not know why she always hears a strange voice upstairs, and the gas lamp will become dim at this time.One day, the patrolman who poked the news came to tell the magistrate that he found the family’s husband dusty from the empty house, and said that the little maid told him that the mistress might be far away.At this, the magistrate judged that the guy might be searching for something.To the hostess to give a distant information, think there is not something to happen.

Suddenly they felt wrong and decided to break into the house to find out.The magistrate thought of the idea that a visit would not be rejected by the family.The next evening, the husband went out when the magistrate came.To the old servant who opened the door said to see the mistress, the guest showed a glove to the mistress, saying it was given to me by your aunt, I just wanted to ask you to see the glove.It turned out that her aunt had said that she had an admirer, and now she knew that the admirer was a lovely little boy, more than the other glove in her aunt’s collection cabinet.So they got closer.

The magistrate, in clarifying that the wife did not know the truth about his husband’s daily exit, and had no intention of reaching far, knew that the mistress’s marriage might be a fraud.The hostess said that if she went far away, her husband wanted to send her to a mental hospital.The magistrate told her that you were not ill, and that it was a conspiracy by your husband.And told her of her doubts about her husband and reminded her of danger.What the hostess said the same thing of home, the magistrate judged that her husband was upstairs, looking for jewelry that she did not know, and said bluntly that your aunt was because this jewelll died, that your husband’s injury to you was because of the jewelry.The magistrate then asked you if you have weapons at home?They went to the master’s room to open their desk and found a gun box and the gun missing, a little bad.At this time a letter unknown to the aunt, taken by the husband and denied his existence, was seen in the husband’s desk.Letter said has been with her aunt to London to see, the magistrate to the letter seems to feel where to have seen, think of the name and the police aunt in the case of a suspect name, magistrate took out Paula husband back to see the performance letter contrast, is the same person’s handwriting, everything understands, the husband may be the murderer of her aunt, and now have to kill Paula.

The magistrate immediately felt that he was going to go upstairs.He ran quickly to the empty house he had followed, and after entering, he led all his way to the storage room above his mistress, which had been in turmoil.He found several of the glass-like buttons in a dress.He came down from the attic.

After a costume and finding three diamonds the size of his fingers that he was looking for but not every night, Anton came down from the attic to his room. He was hiding the diamonds in the room, he found that the desk had been moved.His wife had to say that a man had come.Said to her husband again, I wasn’t crazy, what I said is true?What is interesting is that it may be true or false, and her husband is hard to tell.Then the magistrate appeared, carrying the dress uncovered the husband’s plot and asking him to hand over the diamonds taken from the costume.

Feeling desperate, Anton, ready to resist, was stopped by the local officials.Again, he broke free from the magistrates and ran to the storage room to escape, and was bound by the policeman called in.The wife said she wanted to talk with the criminal alone.Here is a wonderful dramatic dialogue.The criminal coaxed his wife that they told you to cheat you, and asked his wife to recall her honeymoon in Italy, to give him a chance to cut the rope with a knife.

The wife found the place where he said to put the knife and recognized that this was the knife he thought she had lost but she could not find it.Said deliberately jokingly, I want to help you cut the rope, no knife ah, you must be dreaming.Is a knife in my hand?Are you crazy or am I crazy?Of course, I was crazy, I lost all night and hide things, how can I can not find it, do not know where to put it?The more she said, the more angry she threw the knife on her hand aside.Did I say that I threw a knife?I lost it, want I to find it?If I can’t find it, you will take me to a mental hospital.Where will the knife be?Probably right behind this painting?She acted deliberately again.At this time, in opening a drawer, I found that it was full of things lost in the past.All this proves that marriage began as an calculation.

She to this merciless husband, said angrily you still want me to help you escape, how crazy woman help you escape?The husband, desperate at cutting the rope, said, you aren’t crazy.But my wife deliberately said, I was crazy, just like my mother.My desperate husband said, No, I cheated you.No 300 taels of silver are buried here.’If I wasn’t crazy, I could help you,’his wife looked at her husband for help.Whatever you do, I will sympathize with you to protect you.Too bad I’m crazy, and I hate you.I was crazy, so I betrayed you.I am crazy, so secretly happy can have no sympathy for you at all.The more she said, the more excited and the more angry she opened the door and asked the patrol man to take the black husband away!

The husband did not ask for forgiveness before he left, he told the truth, marriage is for the jewelry, is the demon desire fire isolated them, he has coveted the jewelry all his life, also did not know what for.Maybe there are really financial mystery things in the world!

The truth has been so, the hostess is depressed, she came to the attic balcony stretch their depression, looking up at the sky, long night a lost.The magistrate then kept up silently, and the misfortune would eventually end.You see, the sky is getting brighter, and sometimes after dawn, it is hard to believe that there has been darkness, and you will eventually understand.And said, let me see you in the future, chat with you, maybe I can help.The hostess said, you are really a good man.The neighbour also came up, and, seeing the scene, said happily, really!

In a capitalist society with money, committing a crime for the sake of wealth is it because money can kill ghosts?In such a society, naive people, life on the road more traps.Confused people, life on the road more than go astray.Only cautious can be “careful to drive ten thousand years of ship”!

The film art vividly depicts a “bird for food dead for money dead” ruthless role, undoubtedly taught people a little something!

煤气灯下 Gaslight



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