The Lost Weekend – Movie Review


《 Lost Weekend, The Lost Weekend 》(18th Best Film, 1945)

This is a life story of an alcoholic who missed a weekend vacation out of town because of drinking.

If someone is addicted to alcohol, listen to it will feel exaggerated.But after watching this movie, I will believe that it is true.

In the film, the alcoholic, who almost ruined his life by drinking, makes a living by writing, has an unstable income, and always makes a living on his brother and lives together.In order to help the alcoholic sober, his brother is not allowed to have wine, but also persuaded the bar not to sell wine to him, relatives do not give money and him.To this end, the drunkard in order to drink wine, do everything possible to play a lot of cats and mice, hide wine to find wine games, once to buy wine also ready to maintain the only writing tool typewriter to sell.In order to get wine, but also often lose their own dignity and personality.

Such decadent can not control, self-contained life, eventually make the alcoholic guilty to face themselves, the pain of the alcoholic decided to commit suicide.He sold his close girlfriend’s coat and bought a gun to end his life.This life seems to be to the point of irreparable!

The consequences of drinking, unexpectedly are so terrible!If you have seen a movie about drug addiction, you should know that alcohol drinking is as terrible as drug abuse, terrible hallucinations, terrible madness, is completely a devil beyond your control.The body and mind of the alcoholic seems to be divided into two personalities, an alcoholic and a writer, and often an alcoholic is sneaky, often unable to be a normal person.

Fortunately, the movie alcoholic has a girlfriend, girlfriend humiliation let the alcoholic feel guilty when sober, work pays off, finally under the correct guidance of the girlfriend, when being sent back to the lost typewriter because drunk, alcoholic decided to start a new life with his girlfriend, also began to write this story, remind yourself, warning others.

The terrible experience of drunkards warns people not to fall in love with wine.

At the same time, it also warned people that if life encountered this kind of drunkard, in confirming the inability to resolve, the best way is to send the alcoholic to the abstinence center, or stay away.

失去的周末 The Lost Weekend



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