The Treasure of the Sierra Madre / “Blue Blood Sands” – Movie Review


“Blue Blood Sands” ” The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre“(21st Best Director, Supporting Actor, Best Picture Nomination, 1948)

A wandering American in Mexico, begging three times a day to the American in the same suit and leather, only one yuan each time. Because he only looked at the handout’s hand and silver yuan, he did not notice that he met the same person.During the economic depression, Americans could get money, and all were miserable, because few people could give out.So giving out may be just a few people giving out.

When reaching out his hand, a boss is pulling people to do coolie boss said, no money, to have a work, to sell coolie, 8 yuan a day.When the tramp was paid to finish the work as required by the employer, the boss said that the money was not around, saying that he wanted to withdraw the money and fled. A group of people who sold coolies were cheated and penniless.Looking at their ignorant face, passers-by said, you are outsiders, they specially cheat you these outsiders.

One day, the American and companions walk in the street to see the cheater boss, two people came forward to repair him, man do not eat the loss, afraid of beating the unlucky boss said ask them to drink, and then said a few days to pay again and want to open, two people finally unbearable immediately beat the cheater to find teeth, and then took out his wallet in a stack of money to get a few bills after leaving.

This time, these homeless people had money to stay in the Tongpu Hotel.The hotel gathered with all kinds of people, some listening to an old man talking about his gold rush.The old man told them that as long as they were not afraid of hardship, there was no work to seek gold or a living way to do.In this way, the Americans and their companions took the small money in the lottery, bought gold mining tools and guns, and the old man on the road of gold mining.When the train was near its destination, the mountain thief was robbed by intercepting the train, fortunately, a train of people with guns to escape.

They turned in the mountains in a few days to find a small gold mine can be able to dig, at first they thought that as long as dig enough to live, dig gold tao sand is very difficult, plus the place has pests, but also to prevent mountain thief robbery and government confiscation and sentencing.As the old man said before they set out, people will change in front of money, the more they get, the more greedy they are, and then when they divide gold, they want others less and more.By the later stage of digging gold, when they were ready to collect the stall home, because the Americans went out to the town to buy things exposed traces, he told the town to sell camels, but still caused murder.A middle-aged man in town guessed that the man might have kept up with him for gold, but there was no malice just wanting to get a piece of the cooperation.But this no longer needed the collaborator for the three successful gold miners, and the origin was unknown and had to be on constant alert.

Just then, a team of mountain thieves rushed to rob their camels.In the gunfight, the man who wanted to join the gang was killed.When they could not hold, the police rushed over to disperse the thief.A thrill has finally passed.They found out the relics of the gang, see his wife to his letter, the letter is full of expectations for her husband, said the family flowers opened full of spring, should do the farm work are done, only look forward to her husband to return early, also said that it doesn’t matter to find gold, your return is actually more precious than gold.In the wallet, besides a few note and a photo of his wife, it looks pretty good.They all sighed and packed up these things, ready to go back to the unfortunate wife.

After this sudden shock, they have a desire to end to go home.At this time, a few local mountain people said that a person’s younger son fell into the water, although rescued but no consciousness, hope that these city people who go north and south some common sense to save the child.The old man of the three was most experienced went to the mountain people to help.The two people left began to become nervous, afraid of each other killed their own gold, each other also caused some conflicts.Fortunately, when the old man came back on time, they packed up again for the road.Where do you know, the mountain people came to ask the old man to go back to the dinner to stay with him for half a month, said that this is the rule of their family, just to thank him well.So the three of them made an appointment, gold let the remaining two people take away, and met in the town half a month later.

The restless Americans then moved the idea of sharing the old man, the two people argued, the accomplices were injured by the Americans, the Americans simply dragged the accomplices to a remote shot to solve.Americans are careful, went to see the partner died when ready to go, but did not see the body, after fear and comfort themselves, may be dragged away by the Bobcat, think of this unexpectedly laughed like Q.When he thought the gold belonged to his personal wealth, he met a group of mountain thieves who only robbed camels and did not know the gold, who saw that he was only one person, they were ready to kill him.The Americans then said, there are two friends behind, the mountain thief said that he did not see the people behind, ah, and then killed the isolated Americans.Americans may not understand that killing friends in dangerous places is actually tantamount to killing themselves.

The accomplices who were killed by the Americans, but did not die, was rescued by the mountain people. The gold mining old man was going to the dinner together with the mountain people to save the unfortunate man.With the help of the villagers, they went to the town to find the gold, only to find the Americans dead on the way.So they go to the camel market to search.The mountain thief is now auction their imprinted camels, because the mountain thief did not know the camel marks, so was caught by the police.Asked where the sand on the camel went, the mountain thief said it was too heavy, they opened the bag to see the sand and thrown away, said it was thrown near a garbage dump.This way, they immediately went to the dump.At this time the sky is not beautiful, blowing the wind of flying sand and stone, flying sand covered all the original ground, except for occasionally seeing two empty bags of gold, nothing on the ground.Think of so half a year of hard gold mining days after cheating is a basket of water an empty, two gold miners first wry smile and then laughed, is really artificial people.

Although there is no result in a friend cooperation, but after the test of life and death of the golden friendship, this is an inexhaustible and valuable wealth!What the old man suddenly remembered and reminded his companion that the dead homesick wife was still waiting for her husband to come home, would you go to her?There is a life that lives a safe and warm home that is more precious !

The film interprets ordinary people, that is, the people will become greedy and ugly!That is enough to warn the world.To make a living outside, the first thing to learn is to protect yourself, second, is to treat others sincerely

碧血金沙 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre



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