”Bicycle Steeper“, “Bicycle Thieves” – Movie Review


”Bicycle Steeper“, “Bicycle Thieves”(22nd Academy Awards, 1948)

A man who has been unemployed for several years, finally had a chance to take up a job, good salary, welfare is still high, make a lot of people yearn for.The disadvantage is that he has a special work job and needs to bring his own bicycle to work, but his bicycle was abandoned in a pawn shop a long time ago.The wife then took the family quilt and blankets to the pawnshop to redeem the bicycle back.

His job is to ride a bicycle all over the street with advertising, which know that the bicycle was stolen on the first day of work, this job can not be done.He went to report the case, and the station said it could, but you had to find the car.My friend and his younger son helped to go to the market to find a car. When looking at the thousands of bicycles on the market and some cars were dismantled into parts and painted, they immediately felt that there was nothing to find the bike.

But go down to fortune telling, the witch said the car is in front of us, found, can not find will never find, with a small money in exchange for is such a nonsense.He walked aimlessly in the street with his son, and suddenly found that the bicycle thief was pushing his car talking to the same old man, and walked over. The man saw him on the bicycle like a ghost, and could not catch up and had to pester the old man to inquire, but the old man fled.

At this time, he found that the child because of his bad mood was very unhappy, thought of just in leaving the child for a while to deal with things to see children also worried about their children into the water, think then should relax their mood and resolve the child’s unhappy, father and son think should go to a restaurant to eat a meal, feel how to eat anyway is poor, how to eat a big meal.When children were happy, they began to calculate how much money to make on such a happy day.You still have to find a bike.

Walking on the road, they found a man very like a car followed, who began to run, they ran directly after the thief’s door, but the people nearby people were in a group, but asked him to provide evidence, and surrounded him to intimidate him.During the sleepy, the police arrived, finally took him to the thief’s home to search but saw no stolen goods, the police said there was no way.

In desperation, they went to the square of a stadium, a ball game was being held, bicycles were parked outside the door, it was too easy to get a car, he began to be a little restless.As he looked around him, he saw a bicycle at the door of the rear building, with no one around.At this time, the heart had long been unbalanced he thought: simply ride away.He sent the child to the bus and approached the unattended bike and rode away.Which know just stepped to the bicycle, the door caught the thief rang out, happened to be the football game scattered, people on him chase containment suddenly caught him.At this time his child saw all this running over and following his father’s hand all the way.The onlookers filled his ears to lose his face.When asked if they wanted to send the car thief to the police station, the car owner said, forget it, forgive him once for the child’s sake.Having escaped the legal criminal punishment, but his conscience and indignation could not calm him, he took the child along with a blank face, not knowing what else would be waiting for him.

What does the film make people think about when planning such an ending?This is a personal question?Public security?Economic issues?Social problems?Management problems?

Of course, the development of the economy is the hard principle, and development should be used to solve the problems in development. This is a saying that I put forward the opposite strategy when the Chinese economy wanted to solve the problems at that time through tightening. This sentence, it made the Chinese economy take off again under the guidance of this thought.Further economic development has well solved many economic, social and people’s livelihood problems.

However, such a big social task is superficial to solve, because in the society where money dominates everything, even after the rich society, hidden large economic crimes including fraud and corruption are much more terrible than stealing bicycles.Older people will think of the era of Mao Zedong, no theft, no family at night, no corrupt officials and corrupt past.Some people would say that when everyone was poor, there was nothing to steal, but now North Korea, which has been following the path of Mao Zedong Thought, did not steal after becoming rich. What does it mean?

The paragraph I said in WeChat may explain these problems, which should also be the development trend that the society should plan in the future. This sentence is roughly said:

When money becomes omnipotent, when money becomes the purpose of some people, chasing money by any means, society will degenerate and corrupt, morality and legal system cannot be fundamentally constrained, because morality and law-abiding can not help them achieve their purpose, and money can.This is also true of rights when they become omnipotent.Therefore, money and rights can not become a universal tool and platform in the society. In addition to institutional restrictions including legal restrictions, what is important is to give and weaken these things.

If in some can solve the worries, such as unemployment security, personal safety, health, old, young, everyone can live and work in peace and contentment, etc., make these become public welfare, people’s understanding of money will change, money is just become a basic life exchange tool, chase money caused by social crime and degradation will be greatly reduced.Mao Zedong crime rate and corruption in the era are very few, should be based on this.

As for the restrictions of rights as mentioned above, it is best for the state to choose transparent administration and accept national supervision. For example, the formulation of major decisions concerning the national economy and people’s livelihood and regulations should be widely discussed, especially after the debate, so as to prevent one person.For the fields of bidding and procurement that can easily lead to corruption, scientific process management should be implemented, such as the final decision makers and suppliers of procurement to block each other, etc. Some scientific processes in developed countries such as the United States and the West should be used for reference.These are a science that should be studied and perfected!




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