“Lone Star Blood and Tears”,” Great Expectations”(1946 Years) – Movie Review


“Lone Star Blood and Tears”,” Great Expectations”(1946 Years)

An orphan named Pip’s parents was adopted at the sister’s house who married a village blacksmith.One day when he was wandering around his mother’s cemetery, he met a death man who escaped in a chain asking him for food and files and asking him not to tell others.Pipe had to steal them at home to send him.As the family suspected how the food for the guests would disappear, an arrest of the fugitive reached their doorstep.

The family then gave up eating and followed the police to watch the fun.The two fugitives caught the prisoner in a swamp, and attracted everyone.It turned out that one fugitive thought that another fugitive from prison would pose a threat to him, so he chose to be arrested at the same time.As the prisoner approached, Pip dazzled, implying not to say the delivery of his meal.But the prisoner, when taken away, said, ” There was a little matter in this escape that I stole something from the house of the village blacksmith, a bottle of wine, a patty, and a file.I also apologized here.”The orphan brother-in-law said,” It doesn’t matter, whatever you do, anyway won’t see you starve to death, are suffering, right.”Pep’s sister

He is kind, and the prisoner has a conscience, seeing that what he said is actually sin for the orphan.This kind of kindness for orphans to fear that orphans are wronged by the orphans touched the heart of not very sensible orphans.

A year later, there was a rich old girl near the orphan, the man escaped marriage, never out of the door for decades, her room has retained the wedding day, but is covered with spider webs and dust.She likes to spend money to find the nearby children to accompany her, the daily pastime is to see the children play together.Now she picks Pip, who goes to her home for a few hours a day.

To 14, this age is an adult, need to start learning the craft to make a living.After seeing the life of the rich, Pip was inspired to be a superior person, but his conditions only allowed him to be a blacksmith.When he left the mistress, the adopted daughter, who had been with her, was also going to leave here for a higher education in Paris.Over the years, the foster daughter and Pip discriminated from class differences to equal relationship, and later became a pair of good friends.Pip had been in love with her since she was first looked down upon by the adopted daughter, and her beauty fascinated her.When Pip returned home, he worked at home as a blacksmith, so 5 ~ six years passed.

One day, a lawyer from London approached Pip’s house and saw him striking the iron with his brother-in-law.The lawyer told them, if you have a noble man to help Pip go to London for a noble education, would you like to receive funding?The condition was that Pip could not change his name and ask who the funders was.Counsel also stated that he was Pipe’s guardian in London and that the costs were arranged by him until the investor appeared.The world fell pie good thing, make them feel if they are dreaming.The lawyer left the money for the new clothes, the toll, and the address.

Before leaving, Pip went to the rich woman to say goodbye. The rich woman said congratulations, now you began to have a bright future, to keep the name Pip.These words are a little similar to the lawyer’s account, and he wondered, would the rich woman fund herself like her foster daughter?Pip dressed in an aristocracy to London, the guardian arranged his accommodation and study, as well as learn how to adapt to the aristocratic knowledge, social etiquette, horse riding, sword skills, ballroom dance, etc.Soon he adapted to this life, and after a few years, he gradually became more and more like a real aristocrat, more and more expensive.The funder increased his living expenses based on Pipe’s fitness and the size of his monthly expenses.

The adopted daughter of the rich woman also came to London, and they met often, either dancing or playing together.Female told him, do not to fall in love with her, the reason why the rich woman raised her, is to use her to revenge men, only allow her to lure men not to use with feelings, hurt by her has countless men.Who can guarantee that such a woman will not fall on her head?It was during this time that his brother-in-law came to London to do business and to see him with joy.Pip looked at a set of new but rustic brother-in-law, the heart of a kind of disgust.Thinking that if I could give him money to send him away, I would rather give him money.An orphan who wants to be a snobbish.The brother-in-law saw his attitude and began to be a little embarrassed, and then calmly said to Pip, if you only regard me as the blacksmith in the village, you would not see me bad.As a result of the hierarchy gap, there is no topic to talk about, brother-in-law did not have a meal to quit.The brother-in-law’s self-esteem made it difficult for Pip’s heart.

At this time, his funders appeared, it turned out to be the murder fugitive he met as a child, because the fugitive read that the child when he was starved to death, carrying the risk of being beaten by his family gave him the best food and wine.He thought at that time, later he was only one yuan, is also this little boy.So after he fled prison again in a timber business in Australia, he came to repay the little boy, asking an orphan to be his adopted son, saying he had a girl, but was missing.

This cruel reality made it difficult for this orphan who had become an aristocrat, because the real aristocrat valued lineage, origin, identity and background. He did not know what such a background could bring him, luck or disaster.They had lived together.Since the killing fugitives escaped, under the law of the time, they took extra care.Unfortunately, the fugitive was found by his dead rivals, who had been fleeing together and both arrested.To escape the disaster, they decided to leave London for Australia.In everything possible to avoid the dead enemy to board the cruise ship, the dead enemy called the police.In the struggle, the motor involved in the ship was dead, but they were taken away by the police and the fugitive was sentenced to hanging.

Pip went to the help of the lawyer, who said it was no use and that all of the fugitive’s assets would be confiscated by the state under the law, and that the adopted son was not qualified to inherit unless he had his own flesh and blood.This means that the orphans will have no financial source.He thought of the fugitive saying that he had a daughter missing, and the lawyer told him that his daughter was the adopted daughter of the rich woman in his hometown.The fugitive was sentenced to death and admitted to hospital for illness, and Pip went to visit, touching the prisoner,Thinking that his adopted son had lost everything, he would like to come to see him in such a place as an aristocrat.Pitt told the prisoner that his daughter had found it, and had been living in prestigious homes, and that he had always loved his daughter.The fugitive, extremely weak, after hearing these words, closed his eyes for good.

From the hospital Pip, because of this series of blows will hit him back to the past, walking on the road and not lightly hit by the carriage, finally physical and mental overwhelmed, walked to the home fell on the bed.Many days he opened his eyes and found him lying in his brother-in-law’s house, or his good brother-in-law took him.Pip was deeply guilty of his attitude towards his brother-in-law when he was in London.These days, he found that his sister and brother-in-law love, such a small day is real and beautiful, he is a little envy, at the same time think of his own heart.

After he was ill, he wanted to go to the rich woman’s home, and the hostess had long died.He walked in, he was startled by the sight, and saw a figure of the original hostess thought ghost.On a closer look, it was the family’s adopted daughter.The foster daughter returns here because her fiance dissolved their engagement after knowing that her father was a murderer.The world is really unpredictable, for the adoptive mother revenge the man finally embarked on the adoptive mother abandoned by the man fate.Pip deeply sympathized with how such a vibrant, beautiful woman could stay in this lifeless, grave-like environment like her foster mother.So with the trust of the friendship of the past to enlighten her, with the heart has been carrying a persistent love moved her, want her to walk out of this ghost house with him.After that, Pip decisively tore down the curtain that blocked the light for decades, the room instantly dust became a pile of garbage, the adoptive daughter’s last piece of foothold was completely destroyed.

Under the bright sky, the reality of can no longer stay, Pip’s beloved eyes, finally awakened the numb soul of the adopted daughter.The adoptive daughter returned to god, understand that the front of the man is his future happiness.What else hesitation?So with the orphan head also hand in hand out of the door, out of the cage, to a new life!

远大前程 Great Expectations



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