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King and Me (1956,29th Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Music. Best Film, Best Actress, and was nominated for Best Director. Best Film and Best Actress at the 14th Golden Globe Awards. )

The film follows some collisions of ideas encountered by a hired British governess in the Thai royal family. The whole film is magnificent, artistic surprises, is a good masterpiece of art.

In terms of humanity, the film makes people sense the appeal of people from a civilized society, and the energy field to change the backward society. In the royal family, the old customs, feudalism and power will gradually collapse in front of a free, self-esteem, confidence, and modern sense of women.

The driving force of social progress comes from the human nature of progress. A personality of freedom, equality, fraternity, confidence and self-esteem can more radiate human nature and its own advantages, which plays a positive role in the progress and development of society. The meaning of Western human rights is perhaps well represented in this film.

From the film, I am delighted to see the changes of ideas of the king and his descendants. The king and royal family are also vulgar, equally confused and unknown, but open the ideas, dare to accept new things, change the old rules of The Times, I can free themselves and make the people and society get progress and happiness.

Only a little regret is that at the end of the drama, the deeply self-blame king died early because of depression; happily, the new king, thought, concept, style has taken on a new look!

These stories also verify an ancient Chinese saying: near the ink black, near the Zhu red.

Thankfully here is progress changed conservative, enlightened changed conservative and feudal,

How much is one’s influence? Small to the individual, big to the country.

国王与我 The King and I



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