Lenin in October, (1937) – Movie Review


Lenin in October, (1937)

It is a film that reflects the historic victory of the human proletarian revolution through the armed struggle.

After watching this movie, I know why China called the Soviet Union Big Brother, because many details of China’s proletarian revolution are similar to the history narrated in the film. It was only that the Soviet Union seized power in cities could not be replicated in China because of the problem that China’s armed forces could not compete with the reactionaries.

The forces of the Soviet workers could be armed to the teeth. At the same time, the workers of the mobilized Arsenal were also weakening the weapons power of the enemy, as the forces of the country, and even the minister had no time to care about no protection. In the battle, the workers defeated the enemy with an overwhelming majority, as Mao Zedong once said, and drowned the enemy in the vast ocean of the people’s war.

The Soviet victory had the right time, right place and people.

There is no denying that the final victory had another decisive factor, that Lenin’s will, judgment, determination and persistence fulfilled a Soviet Union, otherwise it would be lost in the hands of hesitation and treachery, just like the failure of the Jacobins in the core of the bourgeois democratic left in Paris in 1793. From this point, it is the hero who has made history.

I admire the Soviet revolutionaries for launching the mass movement so well and so well organized. such a huge organizational activity, the enemy did not know that everyone of the revolutionaries are like fighting for themselves, dedicated to safeguard their organizational interests and their lovely comrade Lenin. In the world, there are only two people who can achieve such an earth-shattering great cause, namely, Lenin of the Soviet Union, and Mao Zedong of China.

History has proved again and again that the people, really win the world!



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