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Jade Girl foal (Best Supporting Actress at the 18th Academy Awards in 1944)

The film tells the story of a 12-year-old girl in a small British town who accidentally becomes a horse racing winner in the race where women are not allowed to compete. Children who want to learn to ride horses can have a good look at this movie.

The little girl in the film is always full of love and passion for life, delicate mind, kind and progressive. One day on the side of the road, she found a rebellious horse, perhaps the passion was ignited by the horse, she was surprised like a bole to find a good horse, and liked the horse. After winning the horse, she had the idea of going to international racing, while convincing her mother and the support of a little boy who lived in her family and had a racing experience.

In order to succeed, they immediately started the construction of horse training venues, and launched strict training for the horses according to the scene and requirements of the competition venue. The mother saw the shadow of her past from her daughter, appreciated her daughter’s dream, not stingy to take out all the gold coins of the past swimming prize for material support.

One day, the little boy carried a large sum of gold on the road to help the little girl sign up to distant places to sign up and choose knights, to prepare for horse racing. When the little girl’s father thought that the little boy would roll the money to walk, the little boy came back, he resisted the temptation to spend the world outside and his greedy flash, only for the little girl usually gave him that sincerity and trust can not bear to live up to.

Unconsciously it was time to participate, the family sent them on the road like a holiday. At the venue, they received no scheduled riders due to some accidents. The accident frustrated them and meant the horse could not compete and was wasted. After thinking, the little girl decided to be a rider, not the girl to participate, she dressed as a man. Due to her usual hard practice, she was eliminated from most of the tour laps when she ran to the end and became the champion.

The result was so exciting, she fainted, the whole field this found that the championship was a great little girl.

Lucky really only reserved for the prepared people, unexpected achievements, but also the little girl usually put training as the competition, strict with their own results. That was this season, which changed the history of only the men’s knights on the racetrack.

……After the game, as the little girl’s mother expected: if you succeed, there will be many unexpected events coming later, attention, status, the choice of life, you have to be prepared. Sure enough, the flying newspapers and all kinds of high cost invitation activities as scheduled, their family completely lost the past tranquility, including the horses. Many people envy the sudden luck and glory of their family, and the family members are also excited, looking forward to the little girl’s fame. How should the little girl face it?

To everyone’s surprise is that in order to get her beloved horse not to be disturbed, in the home is not rich situation, the little girl resolutely gave up all money and reputation, refused to cooperate with the media and other companies, and these also got the understanding and support of her family. Many people sigh and understand. It is not hard to understand about the decision to play the horse and to be her own rider? Now this time is just another usual decision as usual. She just wants to do what she likes and is determined to do, not limited by conditions, not driven by others, not shaken by others. In a word, it is to be yourself!

Respect others’ own choices; be the best; be what you want most, perhaps what the movie wants to express. In this, it also reflects the developed West to give people self-esteem, freedom, self-confidence, open-minded, relaxed, humanized side in education.

As for opportunities, even if they are superior, they are in a selected position in a humane society. No matter how good the opportunity, the face is not willing to help! Heart is sincere ability can succeed!



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