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“Rawshomon”,“ Pashomon”(24th Best Foreign Language Film, Japan, 1950)

On a rainy day, the three men got together in hiding in the rain.Under the crumbling RoshGate eaves, they all wanted to talk about something to pass the boring time.A monk sighed, sigh do not understand, said that saw natural and man-made death like cutting leek, but did not see this strange and strange things, according to this kind of death, the people can not let people believe.What did he meet?It turned out to be a homicide, these three people are also witnesses to some details, like the blind touch the elephant, because each person only see the local, so that the killing scene has three theories.Either one reveals the ugly, selfish and self-interested side of human nature.What kind of story is this?

A woodcutter said that that day he went to the mountain to cut materials, did not go far to see a woman’s hat hanging on a tree, he was a little alert, went forward, saw a warrior hat, and then saw a rope, a person nearby was scary with his hands in the grass.But the female body was not seen, and he was called to the police station three days later to testify.

The monk said he also passed the killing scene and was called to the police station three days later.At that time, he only saw a man and a woman against him, really dreamed that such a good man was such a result, indeed impermanence, life but like Chaolu.He said that another witness came to the station, indicating a polycystic who was arrested, and said he carried much of the slain.

At that time, polycystic had been tied to the police station, under the evidence of others, he said that he knew to be hung to the wall pole, and boldly admit that he was homicide.He said he had no intention to kill, just wanted to get the woman he saw that day.polycystic recalled that that day he just rested in the deep forest sleep, when a cool breeze blew over, he opened his eyes to see a warrior carrying a knife carrying a camel with a horse wearing a veil bamboo hat came over, the breeze opened the veil, showing a face like a gentle Bodhisattva, suddenly, he had the idea of the woman, so he followed up.To the warrior, he had just taken out an ancient tomb, a few good knives, buried under a big tree, to sell to him, but also to show him a good knife on his hand.The warrior believed he went to see the knife and left his wife there.At first the samurai is still alert walking behind, when he heard the knife is under the tree, eager to see the knife accidentally went in front of him, he was thrown down from behind.The two scuffle, and the samurai is finally overbound by him.He then ran to the samurai’s wife, cheating her that he had been bitten by the snake and pulled her to her husband.The wife now understood his meaning, and fought with the dagger, but he was tainished.In polycystic balls not to kill the samurai and can get his wife proud to go down the mountain, the samurai wife asked him not to leave, said that two men always have one person to die, let her in front of two men, more uncomfortable than death, she will go with the living man.Hearing this, polycystic pills loosened her husband, gave him a sword, and determined life and death.They fought dozens of rounds to kill the warrior, he sighed that it was a good martial opponent, but it was killed by him.Looking back at the woman, may be scared, had gone nowhere.This is the first version of the three dead laws being said.

The monk went on to say that the woman’s last patrol was spotted in the nunnery and taken to the court, but her words were another set.She said that after being ravaged, the robber polycystic humiliated his husband and ran away after a long laugh.She lay on the ground crying, holding her husband crying, but looked up to see her husband a cold face, his eyes have no anger, no sadness, only the cold light of contempt.She told her husband that she could hit and kill her, but did not look at her in this way.But her husband was silent, she seemed to be suppressed to be suffocated at the moment, when she picked up the knife for her husband to kill her, in step by step to her husband, fainted, woke up to find her husband had broken gas, her dagger in her chest.She ran out of the deep forest, came to the edge of the pool, thinking that several death methods did not die.

Different words, to make everyone confused, then who in the end of the words are credible?The monk said again, according to the deceased, the deceased, of course can not speak, said there is a kind of witchcraft, the deceased can speak through the mouth of the witch, still in the countryside of China.One claim from the witch’s mouth was this, and the witch said that he was in the dark place, cold and uncomfortable, and he cursed the people who put him to the place.After saying that the robber raped his wife, he comforted his wife, saying that it was only once, you and your husband can no longer be harmonious, it is better to go with him, saying that you really love her is so reckless.These words to his wife, and he had never seen her like this

It was so beautiful and moving.How did his wife answer to the robber?His wife said, take her anywhere, take her away.He said that if his wife had only this sin, he would not have suffered in the underworld, his wife was pulled down the mountain, actually returned to kill him, and said that her husband is not die, can not be with the robber.In such murderous words, even the robber was greatly surprised.Finally, the robber actually pushed his wife to the ground to tell him, whether to kill her or forgive her, you nod.He thought then to forgive the sin of the robber.Her wife broke away while the two men talked.The robber also wanted to recover her and failed to catch up.Somehow how long the robber came back to loosen him up.Said the woman’s escape now began to worry about himself, and said he left.There was silence around him, unknown who was crying, and himself. ‘s instant blow, his wife’s ruthlessness, prevented him to relieve this grief.He stumbled without direction, suddenly saw a dagger left on the ground, picked up and stabbed himself.This should be the second version of the three dead laws.

The woodcutter disagreed with the witch, saying that the samurai had not a short knife or a long knife.A person said, as if you saw all, then you say.The other said no more, terrible.Speaking earlier, there are some such things today.Some people say that because people are so terrible, even the ghost who has always squatted on this Roshomon gate is now frightened to escape.They feel very helpless that the world is more terrible than the ghost.The woodcutter said that he did not see the body, he was afraid of finding himself trouble in the police station, so he said that.In fact, he heard the cry of the woman, saw that the robber polycystic ball was comforting her, asking her to go with him, polycystic ball said he himself was a person who had started the evil thoughts and went along the evil thoughts,

For this was his way out of his distress.But this time not, but now can not lose the woman, ask the woman to go with him also kneel down, said later do not do this hook, support her money is enough, if the woman abandon him this money is not clean to do coolies to support her, how tired are not afraid, will never let her suffer.And urged her to answer, also said not answer to kill her.The woman, who had been crying not to answer, suddenly looked at him and said, what about a weak woman can she do?She picked up the knife and cut her husband’s rope, the robber polycystic ball saw it, it was for the two men to decide.At this time, the woman’s husband said, slow, I can not commit for such a woman.And said to his wife, why do you don’t you decide in front of two men?It was really hopeless. What such a bitch wanted her for.Then said to the robber polycystic, you want to give you, matter to now, it is as good as rob my peach blossom horse to the sad.Hearing this, the robber polycystic was not interested in the woman and went down the mountain.At this time, the woman said to wait, the robber polycystic ball said not to come with me.So the woman fell down on the ground and cried.Then her husband said, no matter how poor to cry, no one again to your duty.Robdit polycystic ball then back, just, you don’t have to nagging her greedy for death, a woman this kind of thing, is so worthless.The woman rose with indignation at these words, and said, you failed?She looked at her husband and said, ‘If my husband, why didn’t you kill the man?’After killing this man and then call me dead, this is like a man.And said to the robber polycystic, you are not a man, I think you do things decisively will help me break such trouble, in fact, you are like my husband, is a small slip just, to know, the woman is to rely on the knife in the waist to fight for.These words are undoubtedly a provocation to the dignity of a man, and a challenge to a man.A little self-respecting husband had to swing the knife, the two men posed like such a man ready for a duel.The woman laughed a little triumphantly and watched them fight and horror.Finally, her husband became the meat on the polycystic chopping board, and he had to cut it.’I don’t want to die,’her husband said, facing the robber approaching with a knife.Which know the red-eyed bandit polycystic pill or killed her husband, the woman scared to fled.This is the third version of the three dead laws being said.

Hearing this, everyone thinks that this version is the most real.But there was also a little untrue, the woodcutter, took the woman’s dagger but did not tell the truth to the station.One man suspected that he had taken the dagger.Then they heard a baby crying and saw a man holding the child’s clothes in his hand.The woodcutter scolded the man for stripping the child, and the man seemed reasonable to say that others would come if he did not.The world is not good, people’s self-interest, selfish malignant in some people without self-restraint will be reflected incisively and vividly.However, such a world and people out to blame, indicating that human conscience is still different, although the woodcutter is greedy for a small cheap took a dagger, but the least conscience and pity did not be lost.Later, the woodcutter still had six children to accept the naked outcast, bringing a glimmer of hope to the innocent child.Bad world, as long as the conscience is not ugly, then the world can still see hope from its own.

The whole film should be sad, the movie is like peeling an onion, the selfish, selfish, ruthless and other most ugly aspects of human nature bit by bit to show people, let people sigh.As the movie said at the beginning of the movie, knowing the ugliness, the heart (if there hadn’t been the last scene), who would believe it?




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