“The Giant” – Movie Review


“The Giant” (top), (lower) films are about a farm in Maryland and Texas in the early 19th century.

A girl who married a Texas farmer because of love at first sight, her unique personality and style have brought a series of unanticipated changes to the farmer’s family and local area. Her husband and sister fell to her death after venting their dissatisfaction. What everyone expected was that in the will of her husband and sister, she left a servant a piece of land on the farm. What was less unexpected was that the land soon produced oil, making the servant a wealthy and famous businessman than the master.

What about the money? This outbreak of the servant, although in front of outsiders, but always can not get rid of the humble sense of the original circle, and has been single. He refused to get married because for decades he had installed in his heart the new wife of the farmer since his first meeting. The beautiful wife of the original owner always admired her, and no one could replace her for decades. Rich is not a thing, it seems to be a proud, happy, enviable thing.

What about the farmer’s family? The family has always had rich wealth and fame, but many things do not seem not to be so. Everyone around them has to act according to their own wishes, hold their own opinions, and even the children get married as parents are not told. To continue to life, only compromise, communication, communication, and tolerance. The couple, who fell in love at first sight, thought they would live a romantic and interesting life, but the real life is so insipid along the way, life, has never seen a great move.

Hearing her husband so sigh about life, the wife said to her husband, you may not know that you stopped the owner to drive the Mexican meal and beat him and you were beaten at the table; in front of the son, and pulled the owner of the banquet to punish him, then I heard the sound of the crackling bottle inside, I think you are really great, you are my hero.

Originally, when the hand, integrity, heroic, choose to do the right thing, is a hero and a great man in the mind of a woman.

Visible, the ordinary world is not without great men and giants, just a lack of discovery!



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