“Water outlet hibiscus”, (1944) – Movie Review


“Water outlet hibiscus”, (1944)

It is a hilarious, romantic, abrupt, funny, youthful, high and dancing romance film to enjoy.

After overhearing and seeing a famous composer he signed up to give up composing for the opening ceremony of the water festival he organized for marriage, the water festival organizers had a plan to prevent the composer from getting married.At this point, his ex-girlfriend approached him and complains about no promising to help her become a water star.He looked at his angry girlfriend and a plan to hinder the composer’s marriage.

At the composer’s wedding, the priest asked: Are you willing to be married?A beautiful woman showed up with three lovely kids with groom-like red hair.The woman said she was the groom’s wife and wanted three children to call her father at the groom.When everyone was confused, the bride said to the groom and ran away.. like a disaster in the sky

The groom was in a hurry and crazy looking for the whereabouts of the bride, in the bride to a noble female middle school teaching immediately rushed to the past.In the face of the school gate where only male teachers are not allowed to enter the school, the groom went thousands of miles here to see his bride.But had to go to the bar to borrow wine to eliminate the sorrow, do not want to meet a person who said to change the encounter by amending the constitution, which let the groom find a way to break through the school gate.He read the constitution and school rules and found that the old rules for girls’ recruit boys had not been abolished, and he decided to enroll as a student.Although the principal and all provosts refused the groom for affecting the girls’ school reputation, they also had to temporarily compromise.However, the school committee collectively came up with a plot to foul the groom in a full range of learning, and can be expelled because students deducted 100 points.In order to drive the groom out of the school gate early, the teachers will take out tricks on the groom together, and set up traps everywhere to let him make fouls.

The groom was excited at the thought of entering the school to see his beloved bride every day.The bride, as a teacher, deliberately arranged him to live in a dirty mess and messy waste warehouse, and the teachers of various subjects also gave him some difficult topics and some homework that can not be done.In the ballet body class, the teacher asked him to wear everything in the girl’s ballet costumes in the girls’ crowd, but also from time to time by the teacher because of action mistakes.As the deduction of points rose step by step, the organizers of the water festival approached him.Upon learning that the groom was in a mess, the organizer of the water festival said, ‘I was an Oxford student, and I’d like to solve your bunch of homework.’In this way, the groom is excellent in the discipline, in the subject deducted points, he seems to have no door.Music textbooks are the groom’s strong point, but the teacher did not let go of him, take him in the class do not sing well but also doze off to punish him, asked him to do a song the next day in the music class performance.He promised, but offered to play together, the teacher to and agreed.Because we all know that he is a famous composer, girls like him, the teacher also wants to appreciate his masterpiece, when he performed his work in class shocked everyone to come to watch.With the help of the students and the organizer of the water festival, everyone read the music with great interest. The music teacher had to say that everyone’s love is the best score, and I can’t resist it.It seems almost impossible to complete this student

Such a good performance did not seem to dispel the idea of the teachers firing him, because the man’s identity still had an impact on the school’s reputation for recruiting girls, and the principals and academic teachers had to try to expel him, especially before the parents will arrive.So they plan to let the bride pretend to be in love with the groom, and then deliberately delay to school, until the clock to come back.Unexpectedly, when the groom described the arrangement of the married family and the yearning for a better life, the bride was brought back to the feeling of being in love.When they return to school, the bride lets the groom climb the wall over the gate, avoiding the deduction.

The groom had just returned to the dormitory when several schoolgirls came to him.Then the wedding who pretended his wife came to tell the groom the truth, only in revenge for the organizer of the water ceremony where she wanted her to do bad, because the promise to be the lead actor was ruined again.It seems that the collaborators are easily betrayed.Just as the groom was about to open the door, several advanced female students were afraid of being found hiding in the storeroom.When the fake wife came in and was about to tell the groom about the wedding plot, the organizer of the water ceremony came, and the fake wife hid in the toilet for fear of being seen.Unfortunately, the bride also came to knock on the door, the organizers of the water ceremony had to hide into the toilet, witty so staged.When the bride was getting close to the groom, the tutor took their parents to see the students live. Because the groom was a boy who could not be seen by the parents, he immediately lay under the bed to hide, and the bride because this is not his bedroom, also had to hide and run into the toilet.The parents came in to see the tidy room was about to leave satisfactorily, when the bride saw the man calling the groom’s wife also in the toilet.The cry alerted the parents, hiding also ran out, the bride ran left the room, the fake wife also ran to chase out.The school’s careful layout to the visiting parents was disturbed at this moment.

To this point, the organizers had to confess their plot to the composer of the composer and groom.As a remedy for the loss, the bride and groom presented the composition to the organizers with a request that the lead actor must be her own bride.At this time, the person posing as the groom’s wife, also told the bride of the wedding plot, a fog troubled between the bride and groom finally untied.

The opening ceremony of the water ceremony was held as scheduled and was very successful. The bride became a star of fancy diving and water pattern performances.

life, sometimes crooked, blessing, misfortune, blessing!

出水芙蓉 Bathing Beauty



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